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Where’s all the bankrupcy?

2°C, wind + sun Economics: this to me is the most mysterious thing. How does the UK stay in business? We don’t make anything, there seems to be nothing supporting our wealth and yet there is plenty going around. We … Continue reading

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2°C, grey Funny way to start a day: I forgot to set the alarm for this morning so didn’t wake up until 40 mins late. the rush wasn’t especially mad, and got to work ontime. Maybe I’m wasting much time … Continue reading

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66 miles

2°C, windy & some rain Cycling: started late after the time it takes to fit a new cassette. Even with new gears it doesn’t change gear that well. Sometimes it needs a double-click. Shimano gears have never worked well for … Continue reading

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Saturday’s statistics

2.0°C, getting sunny Only one visit to my blog for the last 24 hours! It’s all my fault- I only have myself to blame- it’s the same for anyone who writes boring entries. Found: Nickel Creek website.

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Far Cry – finished

2°C, Snow. Far Cry: finished it. I supppose if I’d bought this game ( it was a loan) then it would be good value for money. I’ve played it for nearly two months now, (installed on 2nd January 2006) so … Continue reading

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Poor Charlotte

2°C, sleet & rain Something odd happened at school today. There were police, other people who I’ve not seen before, and another clue was even more troubling ( in that Kafkaesque way). Overheard in a corridor , a few girls … Continue reading

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Pro Desktop tutorial

3°C, cold wind Busy again in the world of the interweb. Uploaded a new CAD tutorial made at school, but I posted a copy on my site. Pro Desktop is a free CAD program which is quite popular in schools … Continue reading

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Post Secret

5°C, grey & cold again… CDs: The Books: "Thought for Food" Clogs: " Stick Music". Also delivered was Post Secrets, the book. A volume that’s much bigger than the expected post card size I’d assumed. Frustration: getting that Flash pre-loader is … Continue reading

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Nickel Creek

4°C, cold, grey & miserable 53 miles on the bike today, riding back was easy with a strong tailwind. Nickel Creek: live at Warwick arts Centre this evening. I await. Later:I really had no idea what to expect, but they … Continue reading

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Flashing again…

4°C, Flash: another update to my Flash movie file. You can see it here: SHIFT+ UNDERCARRIAGE The preloader isn’t quite ready yet, if it seems stuck, you may find a button called End, press that then choose Start. that should … Continue reading

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