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50 things.

A break from the rain, 5C, SSW strong wind. 50 things I’d like to do. I am 50 later this year, so my thoughts have turned to a list of stuff I ought to do and want to do: Cycle … Continue reading

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Hub, 8-speed.

10°C, sunny. Won on ebay, this unused hub for a Campagnolo 8-speed cassette. The splines are all the same size which would be a clue for an expert. But me, I don’t know what model it is. I only need … Continue reading

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Another record

11C, rain. CR:60 Only to echo last week, the GCSE results are out today, likely to be the 24th consecutive year of higher results. The changed course structure will get some of the credit this time, it’s more modular now, … Continue reading

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Nant Gwynant

upto 21°C, still & no cloud Just got back. It was great, but I’ve brought a cold with me. It’s been strange, it came on tentatively on the drive there. But it held back for quite a few days, drawing … Continue reading

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iPod clone

9°C, dull grey clouds. I have it: a 4Gb mp3/4 player. It’s half the price of  an iPod, stores twice as much and will play wma sound files as well as video, text and photos. the downaide is the very awkward … Continue reading

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Dragon Rapide

20°C, windy Yesterday: Duxford- I took a short flight in a biplane. It was a twin with seats for 8 passengers and was built in the 1930s. Although there was only canvas and a wooden frame between us and the … Continue reading

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Airshow 2

18°C, steady South Winds Took my stepfather and a nephew to the Duxford airshow today. The lad got a ride on a tank careening around a muddy course also. The show smelt different this time- more parafin less petrol. Still … Continue reading

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24°C, nice very-> Visit to RAF hendon The lighting is quite low in there, which a friend warned me about before I went. His photos were quite dark, so I used my Tripod which made all the difference. Got pictures … Continue reading

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Duxford tomorrow

22°C.. Northwind.   Flying Legends tomorrow   Drive to airshow, make presentation, watch magnificent men, eat & drink. Sound like a good plan? Expect pictures soon. IWM site

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Paintings – work in progress

The umbrella man is not going anywhere,going to abandon it. The girl jumping back is complete but there still hangs a question mark over the clothing colours. Started at least 2 other pictures today, or at least the ground layers … Continue reading

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