Sense of proportion

22°C, warm, light SW wind and 3/10 cloud.

Funny how: looking at that picture of the underpainting on the silver screen shows up how out of proportion it is. Oh well, another layer has gone on it today- the body shape should be better; but you’ll have to wait for a photo.

Assassin’s Creed: has no "difficulty setting". It appears to be adaptive, that is- the difficulty adjusts to the players gameplay. Perhaps the number of "deaths" is calculated somehow. The result is a reduction in the number of opponants seen in a city. Or at least I think so- firstly I speculated on the characters dissappearing on replay because of some randomised coding in the game.

Vilhelm Hammershøi : (1864-1916),Interesting exhibition in the VA, London. See Michael Palin. There is a common bridge with Fantin LaTour- not the plant pictures though. There is a very calm melacholy about all the pictures I have seen, the muted colours and natual light that is seen lees often these days. We’re used ot artificial light and the flat tonal surface that gives, this however creates a deep 3 dimensional space which couldn’t be done with geometry/perspective alone. The pictures are quiet, very quiet, full of thought and perception; it’s a time for contemplation.


Angelica d3

18°C, wind, sun & rain. C=60 miles

Cycle, some damned heavy showers today, but only after I’d got home from cycling.
Turpentine: Angelica Day 3, adding plants now, they’ll probably get painted over once or twice. Some will curl round her legs, but can’t be painted yet, not until the skin-tones are right.


16°C, light cloud & SW wind

52 downloads: overnight, 10 hours that is. I can’t imagine the River Angara will be as popular as the Chernobyl scenery files were, fewer people will fly to an area that’s not very famous. Chernobyl will have been puplicised by a few FPS games set there over the past year or so (CoD4, Stalker). River Angara is probably largely unknown, but its ommission is glaring should a flight simmer stumble upon it. One forum writer said it was also missing in the previous version FS9.

Uploaded scenery for FSX

18°C, Changable, mosrly bright

FSX scenery: Uploaded the River Angara file tonight. Thus:
River Angara, Siberia
Scenery for FSX: to replace a 380 miles section of this major river that drains from Lake Baikal in Siberia to the North.
From  N58° 57.191′ / E101° 14.592′
N58° 6.028′ /  E92° 59.629′
The default section of the river are left untouched.
The default scenery shows this river empty, except for coastlines. For a waterway that is up to 3 miles wide, and a source of hydro-electric power, this is some omission. This scenery fills the gap. I have tried to set the river’s shape to fit seamlessly with the default water shapes, this includes using a similar number of corner points.
As a bonus, I have placed autogen polygons to represent the some of the bigger villages/towns from Kezhma to Strelka.
To install, simply drop these files into your addon scenery folder and run FSX. Make sure, of course, that Addon scenery is listed in the Scenery manager.
The optional file VFR Bratsk R_Angara can be placed in:
My Documents>Flight Simulator X Files
It is a flight plan you can use to make finding the river easier if you are unfamiliar with Siberia.
Hope they like it, the last one has now just about reached 1,000 downloads from one site, good eh?
The Harlech & Llanbedr area is starting to look right. It should be ready fairly soon, I’ll show you another day.


18°C, rain

Solaris: a film by Tarkovsky, as you know, I like Tarkovsky’s films. This one was released around the time of Kubrik’s 2001 a Space Odessy. Solaris has dated less well  than the American counterpart, is my initial opinion. That means that Stalker rates more highly for me. Cinematography is where this film-makers appeal lies for me. He shoots moving pictures, and each shot in the film could be printed as a picture and seen in its own right. Stalker has better pictures – I would say.

Shoulders down

18°C, windy & rain in the evening.

Turpentine: get the upper body into proportion. Another thin skin layer and puzzle over the vegetation.

Assassin’s creed: getting stuck on the 4th level. Dammit! Each day I try different tactics, but each time get surrounded by a mob of guards and done in.

Scropton Hogweed

18°C, clear, still.

Angelica is almost over, but look at this specimen; it has grown out of a crack in the tarmac. Tarmac that is so old it has lost its colour, the tar has gone.
This should go into my next painting. What an expressive plant, almost animal like some invertebrate, a sea monster.
Turpentine: d1-Remember the drawing I showed you the other day? The new painting combines this photo with the girl in the badly fitting skirt.
 I have a better feeling about this picture than the last one- which was a bit half-baked.


12°C, rain.

"Like full-on rain innit": Mid-summer’s day, and little chance of seeing the sun today.
Brakspear: one of the most bitter drinks I can recall. Remarkable, none of that slightly sour after-taste that some beers can leave; as bitter as Rocket (the lettuce leaf). Bitterness can be so refreshing.
River Angara: just about ready for upload, final Beta testing right now. I hope the slightly ridged join doesn’t show up when the river meets the R. Yenitsey. I’m inlcuding a flight plan file with this one so those unfamiliar with Russia can find it. Apparently, this missing section of river mas missing in FS9 as well as FS10. How did that go unnoticed? It’s en-route from Irkutsk/Bratsk to the Tunguska Event site.
Any suggestions what I could put in to mark that meteor impact site? Remember the object was an air-burst, so there is no crater.

Elections open to the deceased

17°C, rain, it’s only light though

Mayoral Elections are open to the dead inRomania ( isn’t that part of Transylvannia?). Laurie Anderson had a premonition to this in the late 1980s in one of her records. See here BBC
Crime: Govt. clutching at straws, look…
What about this:

The PM was responding to a Cabinet Office report suggesting people felt "cut off" from the justice system.
Louise Casey’s paper said criminals’ punishment needs to be much more "visible" to restore public confidence in the justice system.
It said many people felt it was "distant" and "unaccountable" and suggested neighbourhood police hold regular public meetings and issue leaflets so victims and local people know offenders have been caught.

Great, you’ve had your house burgled and then the local police give you a leaflet.

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne
added: "Things like naming and shaming and high visibility tabards are gimmicks.

I took to this idea quickly this morning. I love the idea of dressing up criminals, but flourescent jackets are a dull idea. It’s just not fair on builders and road maintainence blokes, they’d find themselves dressed like criminals. Why not dress up the criminals in something they’d really dislike- they are criminals after all. What about a tweed jacket and a Fedora hat, thay’d really hate that. We’d have criminals who normally wear a white tracksuit and gold chain before getting caught would then wear tweed once they’d been found guilty!

I’m full of good ideas me.