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Sense of proportion

22°C, warm, light SW wind and 3/10 cloud. Funny how: looking at that picture of the underpainting on the silver screen shows up how out of proportion it is. Oh well, another layer has gone on it today- the body … Continue reading

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Angelica d3

18°C, wind, sun & rain. C=60 miles Cycle, some damned heavy showers today, but only after I’d got home from cycling. Turpentine: Angelica Day 3, adding plants now, they’ll probably get painted over once or twice. Some will curl round her … Continue reading

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16°C, light cloud & SW wind 52 downloads: overnight, 10 hours that is. I can’t imagine the River Angara will be as popular as the Chernobyl scenery files were, fewer people will fly to an area that’s not very famous. … Continue reading

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Uploaded scenery for FSX

18°C, Changable, mosrly bright FSX scenery: Uploaded the River Angara file tonight. Thus: River Angara, Siberia Scenery for FSX: to replace a 380 miles section of this major river that drains from Lake Baikal in Siberia to the North. From  … Continue reading

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18°C, rain Solaris: a film by Tarkovsky, as you know, I like Tarkovsky’s films. This one was released around the time of Kubrik’s 2001 a Space Odessy. Solaris has dated less well  than the American counterpart, is my initial opinion. … Continue reading

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Shoulders down

18°C, windy & rain in the evening. Turpentine: get the upper body into proportion. Another thin skin layer and puzzle over the vegetation. Assassin’s creed: getting stuck on the 4th level. Dammit! Each day I try different tactics, but each … Continue reading

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Scropton Hogweed

18°C, clear, still. Angelica is almost over, but look at this specimen; it has grown out of a crack in the tarmac. Tarmac that is so old it has lost its colour, the tar has gone. This should go into … Continue reading

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Harlech Castle for FSX

17°C, rain. 3DS Max model is now in FSX, this can be released in the next few weeks. The To-do list includes toning down some textures, fixing up the autogrn textures for Harlech town.

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12°C, rain. "Like full-on rain innit": Mid-summer’s day, and little chance of seeing the sun today.Brakspear: one of the most bitter drinks I can recall. Remarkable, none of that slightly sour after-taste that some beers can leave; as bitter as … Continue reading

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Elections open to the deceased

17°C, rain, it’s only light though Mayoral Elections are open to the dead inRomania ( isn’t that part of Transylvannia?). Laurie Anderson had a premonition to this in the late 1980s in one of her records. See here BBCCrime: Govt. … Continue reading

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