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4°C, melting Particle flow: I’ve given up on this approach, instead I’m using an editable spline, which has 3 points animated so it wildly wiggles about. The effect is far better. PFlow wouldn’t work in Video Post so the glows … Continue reading

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Ice effect

from -1 to +2°C, snow Snow this afternoon, classes all "Wooo’d" & threw snowballs after. Driving home was no inconvenience after I got out of the car-park. The wheels span, but it ran straight. Now it’s due to melt, then … Continue reading

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fire effect

6°C, dank 28 miles under grey cold skies. The roads are slimey, brown with mud and scattered with decaying foliage. I kept the milage down because the sore throat seems a little worse today. Still not a real  problem though. … Continue reading

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To derrailleur

-1 to 3°C. Surprised: I was expecting a struggle when I decided to remove the broken off thread from a bolt-hole. especially when it’s been in there for a few years, and used through a winter. Amazing when it came … Continue reading

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First of 41

all change: +9 to -1°C I wish I knew what the weather would do. It’s been indecisive today- tomorrow coul dbe uncycleable, the ride home tonight warned me of that. The Shire Oak decent buffeted by NW sidewinds, holding a … Continue reading

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Last day of 40

1 to 4°C, cloudy, NW wind developing All domestic today. We have a new central heating system. the new boiler that is of a type that can heat the water tap as well as the radiators. It’s part of some … Continue reading

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Oh there’s a title

7°C, greyness. Misleading weather reports. It’s not their fault really (the met office), but! We expected freezing fog & dangerous driving conditions therefore I cycled to work. But look, it’s clear, that air is 6+ deg, granted the roads are … Continue reading

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It’s unsafe

6°C, patches of dense fog The roads I mean, so commuting by car. the roads are slimey, and in places patches that look like black ice.   Here’s a useful site if you have the time & patience to fiddle with Windows … Continue reading

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On exercise addiction

-1 to 7°C,, some ice Someone suggested last week that I’m addicted to exercise. This is why I think I am not: exercise is a physical need like drinking water or breathing, those who don’t get it tend to develop long … Continue reading

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No specific cause

-2 to +2°C & There seems to be a  "repairing" theme in the last week’s entries. Breakage and loss. I lost my USB memory plug this week. Today, I took a wheel hub to built up at a cycle shop. … Continue reading

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