White horses

28°C, humid, hot and a terrific thunderstorm in the evening.

FSX: after buying a book of aerial photography in Britain, I had a go at adding a prehistoric white horse from Wiltshire to the flight sim. It was easy! See picture.
Shopping: bought some new shoes, the same as the old ones except not decrepit.


27°C, 40% cloud, humid, still air.

Cycling: 71 miles, but at no real pace, it’s too hot to go fast.
Linseed: Hmm, strange, the colours look a bit de-saturated in this photo. Anyway, the last effort was to reduce the slightly flat tones in the legs.

Stac Lee for FSX

27°C, Hot.

3DS – FSX: faster taster…built a usable 3D  model of Stac Lee for the Flight Sim. From testing, it appears that other people only see a flat area where this rock should be, so for reliability, I had to go down the custom 3D route. The project needs another sea stack that I can use as a generic model, then this Island archipeligo will be complete. The released folder will include a library.bgl for this to work on other people’s machine. No problem, looks alright doesn’t it?


23°C, warm, sunny and very nice indeed, more please.

3DS for FSX: Built a 3D model of Reactor No.6 at Chernobyl. Also spent ages rebuilding the scenery so that it is easier to edit, now the cooling channels have concrete linings. I’m going to try fixing LOD models for this since the whole scene is now weighing in heavily.


19°C, overcast but not as muggy.

Sick:one of the dogs recently stole a packet of butter. Later she threw it up and left a persistent smell that has been scrubbed and scrubbed to remove. Curiously, it smells of human spew. So that begs the question- does human vom’ smell that way because of the amount of dairy food in our diets? Sorry for talking of such repulsive matters.
Linseed: Getting there, now it’s obvious that the shadows need development.


19°C, hmid & light cloud cover. The wind has dropped.

Dogwalk: what a fab place, Woodhouses is an area of land that is hardly maintained, it’s full of wild grasses, scrub and mixed woodland. Walking there you could imagine  that you are on the Kazakh steppe, or the US plains.
Cycle: better today, 36 miles and it didn’t feel hard this time. The biting insects were out in numbers today, I have three bulls-eyes on my legs now.
Linseed: first linseed layer on today, this will take longer to dry enough to do the next layer, so I’ll have to do the other canvas tomorrow.

Summer, coming

16°C, chilly Nth Wind. Dry

Summer: doesn’t really feel like it, only 16 deg today, but warmer weather is coming. Hurry up!
Cycling, don’t know why, but today’s ride was rubbish. The crystal clear skies and fresh air drew me out, but my legs felt empty and I only ended up doing 26 miles.
More painting: but the brighter colours are competing with each other and it needs a darker anchor. There is a horizontal band that will do that job well.
Geekiness: spent some time learning the programme "ADE" today (to author addon scenery for FSX). The airfields now direct the planes to parking, refuelling and gates after landing, but the Taxi arrows feature don’t show up, I have missed something for certain. Mixing taxi-ways with polygon aprons seems to be a problem, as if FSX doesn’t know which to draw on top, but don’t feel too bad about it because some default airfields suffer the same way. What an excellent prog, the newest versions make placing buildings much easier too.

Hammershøi @ RA

18°C, windy but dry.

London: was extremely busy today, and this, a Sunday. The crowds were mostly foreign tourists it seemed, but then maybe it would seem that way. London has the highest proportion of foreign nationals of any city in Britain.
Royal Academy: the Hammershoi was just as good as I’d expected, only there were not as many paintings in the show. They’d laid it out so that the floorplan was comparable to his house where most of the paintings were made. I didn’t get this until about half way, so I went around again- taking the opportunity to do so with music from my iPod. It’s a good idea to do this in busy exhibitions since you can get distracted by others’ conversations (however quietly held). The pictures had hardly any colour, were very still and disconcertingly quiet in mood.

Turpentine: I have been painting too.