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Last ride this year.

I rode fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 18.92mi, time: 01:17:40, pace: 4:06min/mi, speed: 14.62mi/h. Zero the clocks tomorrow, the year’s milage is complete. Not quite matched my target of 6,000 miles. Not short by many. According to MapMyRide: 5,844.7miles for 2014. … Continue reading

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LPs while wrapping.

10°C, windy with a dose of sun. Feeling ill can make us feel inadequate sometimes, as though we have failed somehow. I failed to cycle this week. There was nothing I could put a finger on, just that latent cold … Continue reading

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Stay in.

10°C, brisk W. Dry and very grey. Can’t tell what’s going on, but no ride today. Perhaps a virus. It’s a shame that Christmas is further into the holiday this year. Even my neighbours, both sides, agree that Christmas spoils … Continue reading

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Best days.

7°C, icy start and sun for the few daylight hours. I am at my best on days like this. The sun and crisp air lift away the winter gloom. For hours, I chopped wood, clipped plants, fitted draught excluders, fixed … Continue reading

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Tindersticks: Ypres.

8°C, rain later. Get home and chop wood for the fire. The only exercise I had all day. That long latent cold has lifted without really doing more than sapping my energy. Oh well, that’s gone. Before bed, I relaxed … Continue reading

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Hibernate in the shed.

8°C, storms brewing, strong W. Heavy rain. This moth has chosen the window frame inside the shed to spend the winter in a very sluggish state. He was on the glass, but settled here after I accidentally dislodged him. Maybe … Continue reading

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Ten degrees

Sun and showers, 4°C, NW breeze. Cold house, the kitchen was 10°C when I got home tonight. It’s a few degrees higher now and the fire is roaring in the front room. The cold has penetrated deeply today, it reached … Continue reading

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