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Bronze practice (B).

Warm, windy with heavy rain. 12°C, and 16 in sunny spells. In stark contrast to the previous expedition, we had terrible weather, probably the works DofE weather we’ve ever had. The kids took it on well; in fact better that … Continue reading

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Rhynogydd walk-out

Dense hill fog to start 11°C. Later nice sunshine with a chilly wind. Woke at 7am, all nice and warm in the bag. I didn’t want t get up, especially now that thick hill fog had set in. After a … Continue reading

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Rhinogydd Bivvy night.

17°C, fair breeze in fair weather. It took all morning for the rain to clear so I waited patiently. It doesn’t matter because my plan was not to descend the mountain today. I will stay up there. After some experimentation … Continue reading

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Foel Boethe warmup.

17°C, set fair with a brisk SW breeze Medium pack walking in fine conditions. Footpaths are better signed this end of the range. The X-shelter on the map is literally a stone wall in the shape of an `X`. It`s … Continue reading

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DofE Bronze Practice (a)

22°C, light wind and very bright sun. First expedition of the season. Managing it was saner this year because we split the groups so we took only 35 at a time. Last year, we had 95 kids and although there … Continue reading

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Theiving Peacocks.

11~17°C, sunny with SW brisk wind. I rode Racelite with MapMyRide+! Distance: 105.83km, time: 04:42:49, pace: 2:40min/km, speed: 22.45km/h. I still enjoy the thrill of getting onto the Racelite. It’s light and fairly nimble but somehow less so. In … Continue reading

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London Plane, a story.

,A London Plane tree, near a school. ​ This tree tells a story, those long vertical splits in the trunk are not common to this type. I suspect a long seasonal drought one year, followed by a substantial period of … Continue reading

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Hard on the hands.

15°C, Brisk SE wind, mostly sunny, entirely dry. I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 72.78km, time: 04:10:50, pace: 3:27min/km, speed: 17.41km/h. It’s all dried and cracked out there. Even molehills are as hard as stone. The big feature … Continue reading

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The dark side of Aughton.

11°C, light cloud, SE breeze. Today, I walked to town the scenic route to go shopping. I crossed fields and passed a water pumping station with a view over the town. On the edge of the ridge is a modest nature … Continue reading

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Summer snow.

2°C, light wind. Snow in summer term? I always knew it was possible, we’ve had snow in April before. It once closed schools in April too. Today’s snow was only thin, but it’s there. However, it didn’t take tong to … Continue reading

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