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Sunday fixed.

13-16°C, light wind and dry. A decent ride with variety in hills and flatlands. Home commitments left me with too little time to ride 100km which wouldn’t be much extra effort. Shame.

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DofE 7.0

11°C, very heavy showers including hail, lightning and thunder. 180 mile drive to camp. Looks like a nice campsite, all modern and plush. Bronze Qualifying in the East Cotswolds. I had a delightful group of year 9 girls. They were … Continue reading

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DofE 6: Ousedale.

Heavy showers and bright sun. 11°C. Heading down a day early on a longish drive ready for Bronze Practice. The camp is good but lacks showers, not a problem for Bronze though. DofE 6.1; The groups were dropped off a … Continue reading

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DofE 5; Storm Hannah on the Berwyn range.

5°C, gales and heavy rain all-day. Thirteen girls on Silver practice. I picked them up this morning and eventually started them off in Corwen, North Wales. DofE 5.1; I’m taking 3 silver Practice groups to Corwen. Thus turned into a … Continue reading

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Parlick start.

22°C, milky sun and light wind Parked after a fairly short drive from home and climbed Parlock in the Forest of Bowland. I got to the summit of Fair Snape Fell for supper in the shelter. As the sun set, … Continue reading

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Long day on Bowland

23°C, warm milky sun with moderate SE breeze. Woke and got the tent packed by 06.40. A suitable place for breakfast wasn’t far away. The Moors are too dry to risk the chance of fire. Hence, water supply became a … Continue reading

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Five in a row

20°C, clear blue with negligible SW.Five day in a row I have ridden. I can feel it now so the average speed is down noticeably. The photo is a dereluct house in Formby. Looks like it is a project now.

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Nearly 80!

20°C light SE, deep blue. Out on the Paddy-Wagon on the summer wheels. The route is flat but the variety comes from downwind zooms and climbing into the wind. Rode back with a guy who told be about some of … Continue reading

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Good Thursday.

19°C, milky sin, warm dry with medium E breeze. Gravel Roads: this route never strayed far from home but was a decent outing. These gravel roads may need tougher tyres, winter CX tyres are fine on wet grass but some … Continue reading

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Whizz, two dead-ends

16°C, moderare E breeze, sunny and dry. Tried some new routes towards Leyland. I made some mistakes and had to backtrack several times. The default Google map didn’t offer info on rights of way. That’s my excuse and I paid … Continue reading

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