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Grey summer.

Rode on Fixed- Distance: 35.25mi, time: 02:20:37, pace: 3:59min/mi, speed: 15.04mi/h. A bit slow, but felt better than Monday. |~~~~~~~o_o~~~~~~~| Posted from a mobile.

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Empty return.

Light cloud, some sun, 15C. Not much wind. Rode-Fixed- Distance: 48.94mi, time: 03:14:24, pace: 3:58min/mi, speed: 15.1mi/h. The ride back was hard, I felt quite empty, all energy was gone. That didn’t feel normal, that virus remains for now. … Continue reading

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Try a ride today.

14°C, light showers later. No rides for over a week now. That cold turned into a bit of a chest infection. Typical After vast amounts of sleep, I will try to shift the remains of this cough with a short … Continue reading

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Dislocated cold

10-20C later. Sunny. I have a cold in my ankle. It works like this: sticky throat and gravel voice, but the problem tendon flared up during the afternoon yesterday. I definitely have a fairly normal cold, but what is the … Continue reading

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Not the same this year.

15C, sunny, wind has dropped. Rode: 36 miles today. Things have changed this year. I ride more on work nights, but the usual surge of energy and enthusiasm has not taken over this time. Something has changed and I am … Continue reading

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Aksium, first outing.

15C, strong W. Many showers. Cycle, Racelite-8, Distance: 41.41mi, time: 02:49:30, pace: 4:06min/mi, speed: 14.66mi/h. First ride on new wheels. Even in the first few miles, it was obvious they are lighter. Most striking is the quicker acceleration. Stiffness … Continue reading

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Best without wind.

Cycle fixed: Distance: 55.6mi, time: 03:27:33, pace: 3:44min/mi, speed: 16.1mi/h. On 42×16. On low rolling lands and light wind you can find perfect single-speed bike conditions. Even the hills don’t seem as intimidating as on a windy day. Tendonitus … Continue reading

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What’s in the box?

3C, sunny and still. Been shopping? For the first time in about 20 years, I have bought a new pair of wheels for a racing bike. Previously, all the wheels I have, were built using hubs with replacement rims. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Got it back.

Unexpected frost.2C It’s home- after a service. After many years, the record deck did not need that much work during the service. It had the usual replacement springs and grommits, but not much else was necessary. I have always looked … Continue reading

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Purposeless Walking

15ºC, light wind but heavy rains. The BBC have posted a Magazine article that hits the spot. It’s worth sharing here because i can relate to it so well. I don’t  go out in all night walks, but do value … Continue reading

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