Impartial history

8°C, windy, some rain.

Reading: a fun book. It’s probably not real history, like a serious academic tome, but it makes me laugh. It’s the colloquial asides that lithen a standard history book, that make it accessible and will hopefully plug some gaps in my knowledge. Up to now, I don’t even know the difference between Medieval and the middle-ages. Perhaps I will after.
Impartial history


Using YouTube here to decide which Tarkovsky film to get next. This is the one I have on DVD. I’m being equally indecisive about which YouTube clip to include here.
Right now, "Andre Rublev is most likley to…

It all reminds me of the time, as a teenager, watching "Solaris". It must have been on TV, long slow and strangely compelling. Perhaps Amazon will do a 2 disc special offer, or something.

The roads are dry, but covered in dark, slippery slimey dirt, someone suggested tyre rubber. Perhaps, poor traction in places.

Parking and crashes

4°C, grey and E wind.

News story: BBC– This was broadcast on TV this morning. What it doesn’t say in the written article what is is shown clearly in the TV report. This family live in a house facing a long sweeping bend in the road, but on the corner of a road junction. Apparently they have had four parked cars wrecked by joy-riders loosing control on the bend in the road over the last few years.

See the map for the presumed location. My question is this- the cars that were wrecked were parked on the raod as shown in my map? In the UK it’s illegal to park within 15 metres of a road junction, so is the victim’s case affected by the fact that they habitually park in a dangerous place?

Dry ice

3 dropping to -2°C, low Humidity. C=43 miles

Weather obsessed: I know this is getting repetitive, but we’ve had the same weather for over a week now, the forcast is for another week’s worth.
It’s unbelievably dry around now, the river levels are very low, lower than in the summer, and the cold nights aren’t creating much ice, apart from last Thursday; I drove in on that day.

Earliest Sunset

14th December has the earliest sunset. We have two almost weeks to see the latest sunrise though.



Daylight hours





7h 41m 46s

– 0m 49s




7h 41m 04s

– 0m 42s




7h 40m 28s

– 0m 35s




7h 39m 59s

– 0m 29s

Uggh! Pollution.

3°C, no Ice,

One week to go and there is a slight respite from the ice. There is fog around, which has really picked up the traffic pollution so strongly that you can taste it. It’s more of an effort to breathe, the air sems more viscous.