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Burst cable

8°C, still 7 overcast. Feels warmer. Yesterday: Cycling– delayed after an accumulation of repair jobs. You know how it is- you check a minor job that needs doing and find another problem you didn’t know about. Just as I was … Continue reading

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Impartial history

8°C, windy, some rain. Reading: a fun book. It’s probably not real history, like a serious academic tome, but it makes me laugh. It’s the colloquial asides that lithen a standard history book, that make it accessible and will hopefully … Continue reading

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Tired myself out now…

10°C, SW winds strong, 8/10 cloud. C=54 miles Cycling: in a rush this afternoon against early sunset.Not a lot to report then.

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A Blackbird’s Christmas.

6°C, clear. C=24 miles. MSLive failed yesterday, so this post is posthumous.Cycling: Blackbirds use ground effect whilst in flight to gain extra speed for less effort. Here in the UK that often means using flat hard surfaces like roads. Today, … Continue reading

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Cretacian relief

2 rising to 7°C, drizzle Best news of Christmas: The Japanese aren’t going to hunt Humpback Whales after all:. BBC. they only intend the moratorium for a few years, so perhaps I will make that contribution to Greenpeace anyway.

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Using YouTube here to decide which Tarkovsky film to get next. This is the one I have on DVD. I’m being equally indecisive about which YouTube clip to include here.     Right now, "Andre Rublev is most likley to… It … Continue reading

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Parking and crashes

4°C, grey and E wind. News story: BBC– This was broadcast on TV this morning. What it doesn’t say in the written article what is is shown clearly in the TV report. This family live in a house facing a … Continue reading

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Dry ice

3 dropping to -2°C, low Humidity. C=43 miles Weather obsessed: I know this is getting repetitive, but we’ve had the same weather for over a week now, the forcast is for another week’s worth. It’s unbelievably dry around now, the … Continue reading

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Earliest Sunset

14th December has the earliest sunset. We have two almost weeks to see the latest sunrise though. Date Sunrise Sunset Daylight hours Change 15-Dec-07 08:12 15:53 7h 41m 46s – 0m 49s 16-Dec-07 08:13 15:54 7h 41m 04s – 0m … Continue reading

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Uggh! Pollution.

3°C, no Ice, One week to go and there is a slight respite from the ice. There is fog around, which has really picked up the traffic pollution so strongly that you can taste it. It’s more of an effort to … Continue reading

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