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Redg. anagram

12°C, sunny int. + S wind. Got the car back yesterday with new numberplates. Saturday’s repair revealed that we have been driving around for three years with the wrong number-plates on the car. VW readily admit that they made the … Continue reading

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Stalking horse

12°C, dry pm. Linseed: I’m going to refer to this picture as the Stalking Horse for now. Below is a closeup, after 3 sessions of work on it. Notice how much better the colours are now that the second linseed … Continue reading

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Picture thinks

12°C, clear, mild but rain tonight. No pictures today, but that last painting has the old feeling back. Good eh?- especially after that recent long haul with the "Pointers".I need to find a method for painting fur not hair, but fine … Continue reading

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Whishaw horse

12°C, windy+sun Linseed: Picked up the two heads picture from last week, then painted over the back head ready to put a horse in. There have been two sessions today, the second with linseed, but that wasn’t such a good … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

12° some rain, some shine… Charmed:My tutor group sang "Happy Birthday" today- twice. Half of them are in the senior choir, some did that alto-harmony thing which made it all quite magical. I probably came across as self-conscious, but inside, … Continue reading

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Holbein & Velazquez

8°C, clear. Art Dept. trip to london: I nearly saw the Velazquez, but didn’t. They want you to buy a ticket an hour before you are allowed in at the National.  That mean’t missing the next appointment- the only recourse was to buy … Continue reading

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looking in the dark

9°, showers & sun Turpentine: playing with images – looking for a new painting to do. It seems harder these days but the solution to that is probably to make more use of photography. The photo below is little more … Continue reading

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Word gen.

12°C, little of the promised rain. Spammers have gone all ecumenical today: And to pass, when her fair is full and fish and the oil unto ZechariahCome, fifty loops in my god called to alive: The Shorts are out! The … Continue reading

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Smooth train to Bourneville

15°C, windy, some sun, some rain Day out of school today. I was on a GCSE marking course. It ran as expected but the rooms were very cramped, so no space to put everything on desks. Food was better than average. Bourneville is … Continue reading

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Animated splines

11°C, W winds; C=60miles. 3DS Max: further development to the Big Digger, it has hydralic pipes that follow the animation of the moving arms. The lines are controlled by spline-vertices – which means dots that marks the key positions along the pipe’s … Continue reading

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