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Mud and accessories

3°C, dry, thin cloud. Group walk up the chase, Rosie gets accessorised. Throwing ice sheets across this frozen pond is strangely satisfying. It must be the same satisfaction that vandals get, (the vandals who wreck things, not the ones who … Continue reading

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I need a little poison

10°C, penetrating rain this real wind. Hands still stained with black: oil, rubber and aluminium corrosion, that stuff doesn’t want to wash out. iPod Classic: possible sound quality improvement on the square Nano. Not sure yet, they need comparing … Continue reading

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7½ mile walk.

9°C, still, light cloud. Walk home, Why?: The rear axle of my commuting bike seems to have snapped on the way home. Not sure because it has all seized up and can’t be unscrewed with the tools I carry each … Continue reading

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Wild Vanilla Find more videos like this on Wild Vanilla This video was shot from the same sort of angle as my own view. The stuff she can do with her voice, yet remain controlled and concentrated.

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4°C, sleety showers; no ride today Borderline: this is going to be complicated, drive to North London to help someone move house, then to the gig at Borderline near Tottenham Court road. Ice and rain will have cleared, and I … Continue reading

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i(*)Classic due

5°C, winter storms imminent Monday is a day to deliver things to this house. That’s wishful thinking, I ordered myself a birthday pres. – a bigger capacity iPod. No more removing music to make space for additions. A full iPod … Continue reading

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the kind…

10°C, same as yesterday, cold northerly due soon kind of mood I am in today. It is certainly not my video, but rules are to be broken. A retrospective of some of my finest Flickr work from shhexycorin on … Continue reading

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Back to Tom Waits

9°C, clearing, windy. Watch Her Disappear : (Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan) Last night I dreamed that I was dreaming of you And from a window across the lawn I watched you undress Wearing your sunset of purple tightly woven around your … Continue reading

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9°C, rain. Drive home from work in a car. The traffic was thick, the rain was thick and the journey – retarded. Looking out through sparkling drips on the windscreen you can see into a  world of lead. The surface of … Continue reading

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Drizzle, 13°C. c 18 miles Still firing off fireworks outside.Fixing a puncture in the drizzle today, a funny time to get a phone call & a text.Out in the country, near a river confluence, drizzley mist wafting between trees wrapped … Continue reading

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