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9°C. Light rain. It’s Ash trees under threat this time. Rather like the Oaks, where an aggressive fungus was spread by a beetle, this one has airbourne spores to propogate. The fear this time is the scale, ash trees make … Continue reading

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Red clay roads

CR:52 Miles. Rain later. This ride wasn’t too cold but it did rain on the return leg. I could have avoided it but for the roads. The mud was as bad as it can be, the back wheel skitted about … Continue reading

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Maffs an Inglish

10°C, grey, rain threatens. Teachers’ entry requirements:BBC they’re “getting tough” on teachers. The Govt. plan to raise the entry requirements to the profession by adjusting the skills tests taken by trainee teachers. The English & Maths tests will be raised … Continue reading

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Shopping is annoying.

13°C, grey. Fact: shopping is annoying. Shops stock a large range of trousers for guys with a fat arse and bamboo legs. Another shop I tried, sold trousers in only one leg length, that was a short 34″ so alterations … Continue reading

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8°C, fog. Thick fog: can’t see the road outside. There is fog dripping off tree’s branches, the washing line and the gutters. It taps irregularly on an upturned bucket. I shall give it a chance to clear before riding later. … Continue reading

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Heavy head, but light heart

10°C, sunny. It’s Saturday so it’s  headache day. The sun does shine, a week’s holiday lies ahead. No camping though, not much point when daylight is gone so early. Spent the day planting bulbs. I will have forgotten where I … Continue reading

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12°C, sun. At work, 11 year olds were issued with Gideon’s bibles today. They looked puzzled, though some said you can use them to help with problems in life. There is a sort of key in the front where problems … Continue reading

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At night it does rain.

9ºC, rain No ride to work, the fault lies with a sore throat not the weather. The rain prefers to fall mostly in the dark this week. Darkness is much longer lasting this month. No  daylight until 7.44 and it’s … Continue reading

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Blame the rain

12°C, light wind, sun Instead of crane flies this year, it seems as though the mozzies are more abundant. I say this now because one bit the back of my neck this afternoon. A strange occurance, we don’t get many … Continue reading

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That’s why I’m so hungry

12°C, no wind, sunny. CR˜61.4 miles. I feel this way every week when I get back. Some slight aches, thirsty and refreshed. Above all- hungry. The phone app says I used up 3,227 calories on this ride alone. Hence this … Continue reading

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