15°C, Sun

Clear: clear head, clear vision and a clear sky. Sunshine is a good idea.

Bessie inspected these bones carefully for ages. What went through her mind?
Road-rage: On the way home in the car yesterday a guy driving from a side road looked at me from his driving seat. Without much hesitation, he pulled out forcing me to an emergency stop and a blast on the horn. He looked squarely at me the whole time and raised the bird in defiance. How does a man get into s state like that?

Acephalgic migraine

7°C, light winds, Sun. C=62 miles

"real ear-bashing".: Funniest news story of the weekend. Mr Smith, what were the films called? I bet you are looking back on the story and wondering if it was really worthwhile for a hand-shandy.
A Migraine: could this be one, Cycling towards home today in the blazing sunshine- I could see a shimmering lightshow, nice but this one was in my eyes. It was rather like christmas decorations flickering at double speed, or maybe like my eyes recovering from an accidental glance at the sun. I’ve had this at work once or twice; parts of my vision can’t resolve printed words if I am reading. Each time it seems to clear up after half an hour or so. A disturbing event; I was about an hour from home when it started, so I rode faster and faster in case it it became prohibitively bad. I rode fast so I’d be home before the worst happened and I couldn’t see to ride safely.
Incidentally, I have had a dull headache for the last few days. A connection seems possible.

Bessie! oh no…

6°C, N wind, warmer sun. Some heavy hail showers.

Bessie started the day with an unfortunate accident. She must be more careful doing a pre-wash in future.

A college friend made that bowl for me in 1986. I’ve used it for breakfast pretty much every morning since. 23 years later its career is at an end. You can just see how well made it was, look at the fine thin ceramic in that bowl; expert throwing.Today has been another of those fixing-things days: fit wheel to roadbike, fit bottom-bracket to racer, change some light bulbs, fix my Saturday-headache.

A formal decryption

8°C, windy but mostly clear

I refuse to indulge in this:
I often use email as a portable way of collecting school-work. This kid was asked to send a document for review called a "Proposal" that then needs some comment from me as her teacher. Here it is:


Hiya sir

Can u plz check da proposal I no u did b4 bt I changed d alas part n now ur comment doesn’t match wid ma wrk sorry bt cn u do d las techa comment review thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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show details  24 Mar (3 days ago)

My Reply:

what is this cryptic code you have sent. Frankly, I haven’t got time to decode it. Send me an email that communicates your thoughts and I will do something to help.

Also, there is no attachment on this email.


Pupil’s second post:

Huh wat r u on a bout??????????????

Am confused

Sos I fink I forgot to mke an attachment
But here it is so can u review it plz

……..End of messages

The document was attached to the second email, but was so badly written so that I am too exasperated to continue the thread here. The first version had no punctuation, the after my response, it was filled with commas everywhere. I mean everywhere, in the middle of phrases, anywhere except the places they would have helped make the paragraph intelligible.
Further; I passed a copy of this onto the English department; who then used it to start a lesson on writing to a target audience and use of suitable language, or something like that. It went down a storm.

Blue Sky

12°C, milky air, let the sun through this afternoon.

Back to normality. Routine sleep, should leave little after effects. How did all that ever happen? Well yeah, I do know. Change topic.

Blue-sky thinking: There is an irony in this; "blue sky thinking" is supposed to refer to thinking that has clarity and unlimited ceiling. The funny thing is that people who use this phrase can’t actually do it themselves. They talk in clichés and probably think in them too. Poor wee loves.  BBC on Jargon

Another early one

6°C, light cloud

4.30 am: another early dawn, but less so than yesterday. This typing is tricky with hands still cold from the dogwalk. This morning is less warm than yesterday. The city was more alive though; fewer black windows to reflect the morning twighlight sky. Some people about with dogs; no sign of yesterday’s runner.
another meeting sketch A6 paper.

Long long day

15°C, clear blue, sun since last post

Later...: been a long day, full of energy and I’m still going Will run out soon. I’ve wanted a photo of this tree for years, finally, done it.

What time of day is it?

7-12°C, dry. C: 59 miles

04.40 :Dark right now. Lying awake thinking stuff over. Conversations mostly; non-too good ones though. Sunday nights are often plagued with sleeplessness, I can only guess why. Pre-work and troubled old friendships.

Bessie: (and Rosie) have new haircuts, but they are sometimes chilly. I see them shivering- that’s why I covered her in a blanket. She looks satisfied with the arrangement in this shot.
Cycled to Calke Abbey today, there is no Abbey there. Still a good place, much busier than Staunton Harold down the road.
The Green movement: is failing BBC. Yeah, and…
Goodnight. Up again in one hour; hope the camomile tea works tonight.