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15°C, Clear: clear head, clear vision and a clear sky. Sunshine is a good idea. Bessie inspected these bones carefully for ages. What went through her mind?Road-rage: On the way home in the car yesterday a guy driving from a … Continue reading

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Acephalgic migraine

7°C, light winds, . C=62 miles "real ear-bashing".: Funniest news story of the weekend. Mr Smith, what were the films called? I bet you are looking back on the story and wondering if it was really worthwhile for a hand-shandy.A … Continue reading

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Bessie! oh no…

6°C, N wind, warmer sun. Some heavy hail showers. Bessie started the day with an unfortunate accident. She must be more careful doing a pre-wash in future. A college friend made that bowl for me in 1986. I’ve used it … Continue reading

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A formal decryption

8°C, windy but mostly clear I refuse to indulge in this:I often use email as a portable way of collecting school-work. This kid was asked to send a document for review called a "Proposal" that then needs some comment from … Continue reading

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Chief Obafemi Awolowo

8°C, windy with some heavy showers. Inset; a longer one than usual. So a more detailed drawing than usual. Our head of music thought it looked like Cheif Obafemi Awolowo. I need to look him up, all I know right … Continue reading

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Is it really over one week away?

8°C, cold winds, rain at noon Over a week to go, damn, I was convinced about Friday.Feel like a derelict after parents’ evening. Goodnight.Soon to bed at 10pm.: is this walking into the same trap?

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Blue Sky

12°C, milky air, let the sun through this afternoon. Back to normality. Routine sleep, should leave little after effects. How did all that ever happen? Well yeah, I do know. Change topic. Blue-sky thinking: There is an irony in this; … Continue reading

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Another early one

6°C, light cloud 4.30 am: another early dawn, but less so than yesterday. This typing is tricky with hands still cold from the dogwalk. This morning is less warm than yesterday. The city was more alive though; fewer black windows … Continue reading

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Long long day

15°C, clear blue, sun since last post Later…: been a long day, full of energy and I’m still going Will run out soon. I’ve wanted a photo of this tree for years, finally, done it.

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What time of day is it?

7-12°C, dry. C: 59 miles 04.40 :Dark right now. Lying awake thinking stuff over. Conversations mostly; non-too good ones though. Sunday nights are often plagued with sleeplessness, I can only guess why. Pre-work and troubled old friendships.Bessie: (and Rosie) have … Continue reading

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