15°C, & milky mist

3 Peaks: practise walk in the Peak District. It’s the height of the lambing season, lots of very young looking lambs, some only days old. They were attended by Yews that looked on very suspiciously on my dogs. I reined them in tight. There was a shiney, wet looking afterbirth in one field.

Into The Woods

12°C, grey gray day

To celebrate the end of term:
Just ordered this, by the lead vocalist in Arab Strap. The sound clips are promising, click the picture to go to the Amazon page with the samples on.


12°C, chilly, less rain than forcast.

It’s sunny, no lessons to plan for tomorrow and the room smells of Spirit of Turpentine.
Turpentine: Near the end of term, thoughts turn to making good use of the time- in this case, in paint.
The idea uses the hiking poles, memories of the Cern Abbas Giant and a photo from last year. That Turpentine layer is all vague, it can be moved about, changed and balanced properly. I don’t want to get in the position I did at the end of last year where the composition was fundamentally off. I really need to prolong the underpainting to make sure it’s right. Perhaps making some drawings before using linseed, so I can double-check.
The photo on the left may remind regular visitors of a picture taken last autumn, the same timespan away from mid-winter, so the light is similar. The picture is a composit of two exposures, 1 EV apart. the process is similar to the way HDR pictures are put together but a bit of a bodge, I didn’t have the tripod at the time.

Moon and Crows

15°C, bight day, cold at night. Thick fog in the mornings.

Ordered Computer guts:
CPI-E6600 Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz LGA775 Processor
HDS-320 SAT16 320Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200Rpm 16Mb Cache Sataii Hard Drive
PSH-4M580 HiperPower 580Watt ATX2 24Pin Ultra Quiet PSU
GCA-XN88GTS6 Asus 640Mb nVidia Geforce 8800 GTS PCI-Express VGA Card
MEO-D2-2048P6K2 OCZ Platinum XTC v2 2048MB PC2-6400 DDR2 Dual Kit (4-5-4-15)
It should be here by the start of next week, on holiday I have time to build it all together. It’s quite a fundamental change- 64bit cpu and dual core which runs at a clock speed not that much more than the current one does. The performance tests suggest about four times the speed though. Such is the absurdity of measuring by clock speed, I sppose it’s like reading output power for a Hifi.

Bristol Zoo edits

14°C, cold fog then sun

 Adobe Premier is an excellent program. I haven’t used it for months and after stripping the sound from some vidoes for school, I decided to put these vid’s together. It was a doddle to cut, title and add sound to these sequences shot last autumn. It’s probably true to say that the program takes a little longer to get to grips with than Windows MovieMaker, but it does make sense so the knowledge sticks.

iPod clone

9°C, dull grey clouds.

I have it: a 4Gb mp3/4 player. It’s half the price of  an iPod, stores twice as much and will play wma sound files as well as video, text and photos. the downaide is the very awkward controls, changing album folders, or modes is the oddest process- it makes no sense at all.
Here’s a good animal story.(click the picture)

Ofsted away

9°C, rain

IWM, Manchester: Trip with school to visit the Imperial War Museum, Manchester. There’s a good way to avoid ofstead. It is indeed an excellent place, but are we facing loads of Video capture ( there were 8 cameras issued to the group). Below is a photogrph from the Shard Tower, since it was such a dull day, turning it black & White is an obvious thing to do.
Just think: I can play video games again, paint pictures again and look forward to my new mp3 player. I decided it was worth getting an upgraded one, it’s light, holds plenty and will be useful for shutting out distractions while working. I distract easily, not to mention procrastinate.