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Motion blur

25°C, light winds, no clouds, C=60 miles Cycling, have you ever bought an artwork while cycling. I have, or may have if I can pull this one off. I spotted an art sale when riding through Repton, two pictures stood … Continue reading

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Industrial gardening

5°C, no clouds, C=26 miles Summer blight: Listen guys, it’s actually easier to trim the hedge with shears; it’s quicker to mow the lawn with a push-along. Switch off all those noisy machines and let’s all enjoy summer days on … Continue reading

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Sick Rape disease

25°C, summer, light winds. C=54miles Here is one very poorly looking rape field. Some patches were normal looking but acres & acres look dry, brown dusty and quite dead.

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Yr Wyddfa, Carneddeau & Rhinoggs

14-19°C, Sunburn, rain, fog & gales Sunday, Yr Wyddfa: (Mt Snowdon, 1085m) and Yr Aran (745m): Got up when I woke (5am), then drove to The western slopes of Mt Snowdon. Started the climb at 10.30. Parked at Ryd Ddu … Continue reading

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19°C, SW light, summer clouds. Taken: Film, action thriller with a paternal pride virtue. Even taking the Bourne trilogy’s absurdities, this one is beyond the ability to suspend disbelief. You may already know of my loathing for car chases, this … Continue reading

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One fix, another breaks

17°C, mostly sunny. The wind has ceased. Fix: added an iPod connector to my car stereo, I have routed the cables so that the iPod connector pokes out through one of those blank switches. It’s well worth doing because the … Continue reading

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14°C, the showers are less heavy than yesterday.*, C=55 miles This is rain I can live with, it is interrupted by bright sunny spells while the dark clouds brew up on the horizon. Stygian.I ought to comment on the 19/20 … Continue reading

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Mynd recce

14°C, windy & heavy downpours. Amazed: to have escaped the worst downpours on the Long Mynd today. No off-lead romping for Rosie though- sheep everywhere. It’s a remarkably gorgeous place. We test-walked a route that our Duke Of Edinburgh kids … Continue reading

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12°C, torrential with thunder Delta done (just about): You get to know how these oxbow lakes form around kettle-holes after doing this kind of drawing. the KML file is getting too heavy to manage now, so I need to call … Continue reading

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Soaking drizzle

14°C, wet. This rain: cast my mind back to those summer days at school- the ones where I was a youth. I have never really lost that reaction to others getting a soaking. Well, I say others, I meant women- … Continue reading

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