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Cassandra Millar: Just So

CD from Another Timbre. Contemporary Music performed by a string ensemble. Unusually, I didn’t find this one via Hear And Now on BBC R3 but a mid-week show on the same station Late Junction. The pieces that attracted me arenthe … Continue reading

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Angry in the letters page.

A letter to my local paper: “Whilst I can sympathise with letter writer Michael Swann’s plea for cars (#1a) to consider cyclists when they are coming out of side roads, can I ask him and other cyclists to also take … Continue reading

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Metric century.

5~7°C, grey, dank and a S breeze Slow but long. 4h 40′ and the headlight lasted (though the orange warning light came on). Better still, the phone’s battery (a Motorola g6) ran down to 87%. My old phone (a … Continue reading

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Commute: moonlight, windswept and cold.

5°C, strong SE, dry and clear, moonlight I love it, the blackness and a probing circle of light to ride into. Potholes and ripples in the tarmac are in sharp relief in the headlight. Either side, wet fields and … Continue reading

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Was it a good ride?

…not really. 11°C, W wind with clear sky. Dry of course. Not the ride I wanted. The canal section was spoiled by a fishing competition and then a puncture. The self-sealing tubes failed to seal the leak. I blew the … Continue reading

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Cross the chase, December.

11°C, sun and cold wind. Rain to finish. Besides that, here’s an anecedote. The bike got quite muddy on this outing so normally I’d hose it down. Today, I have no access to a hose. Instead, I used a … Continue reading

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Towpath in darkness

8°C, clear sky with brisk W wind and cold. Here’s a first, an off-road ride in the dark . The hard contrast from the light make ruts and pits easy to spot. Last night’s rain made the surface quite … Continue reading

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DIY: Plumbing, a leaking radiator.

6°C, becoming greyer but still dry. Much as I hate DIY plumbing, this one job has to be done. The kitchen radiator has left little puddles beneath when I get home. The system pressure would drop enough to shut down … Continue reading

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Dank Sunday gravel

11°C, some rain early, brighter later on, brisk SW. A sluggish ride but that doesn’t matter, it’s December. The fitness miles don’t start until January. Winter miles lead to summer smiles, as they say without cringing.

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Atlantic storms by bike

8°C, short sharp showersh. Battered in blustery showers. Apart from some dramatic skies, there were no great events to report. The Arrow bike has a new lease of life currently. I’ve taken the rack off and it handles very … Continue reading

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