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An outbreak of hysteria-1N1 Virus

12°C, rain threatened, but pulled its punches in the end. News: Viruses are able to turn people bonkers: Guardian. It seems that self-replicating semi-crystalline proteins can seriously damage rationalism. We now have a couple of people here in Britain with … Continue reading

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Sparrow & Crow

15°C, heavy rain, dry now. CDs: The Sparrow & The Crow: I’d swear I ordered this on LP.The Rip: Portishead Through the glory of lifeI will scatter on the floorDisappointed and soreAnd in my thoughts I have bledFor the riddles … Continue reading

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A week gone by

15°C, light SSE wind, clear sky, Cycle 69 miles LPs: William Fitzsimmons- in vinyl is still at work, I can’t carry LPs on the bike. Looking forward to hearing that album in its entirety. Work: going back has been a … Continue reading

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A Woman, A Man walked by

18°C, Sunny, "grass frost" this morning Back to work, grumphPJ Harvey: A woman A Man Walked by: initial impression is a return to previous form. I love the melancholy of the previous album, but here in the spring sunshine I … Continue reading

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Thursday afternoon

10°C, rain, non-stop rain Two days on my legs still sore and need frequent stretches. Rosie is far more sore than I. She has five stitches in her leg, I don’t. I know what the cure is for this muscle-shortening … Continue reading

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Mt. Snowdon 1085m asl

11°C, heavy showers clearing. Yesterday: climbed Snowdon up the Watkins path. After a few thousand feet, I found myself with a delightful family who hadn’t taken that route before. They were lovely, though I would have been just as happy … Continue reading

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In Bruges

11°C, cloud, but blue sky west. The clouds are taunting us- the patch of blue sky to the west has stayed there all morning, clouds are travelling northwards and could stay like this all day.In Bruges: What a very sweary … Continue reading

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Of rain & two punctures

14°C, warm summer-like rain. Cycle– shortened by heavy rain showers, not a problem themselves, but the two punctures in one day is teetering on annoying.Headaches: another approach to dealing with them is reading glasses. I almost forgot that I had … Continue reading

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Saxifrage & Eidleweiss

10°C, windy, but sunny too. Fritillary is proving difficult to get, the only ones I have seen are big, yellow and in my mind: vulgar.I do have Several Saxifrage and Artemesias ready to plant out. Saxifrage apparently gets its name … Continue reading

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to wheel spin, or not

11°C. NW winds, sunny intervals. Dogs walked, plants potted and seeds sown. Door painted, photos shot & plants bought. y’know.That time spent yesterday swapping wheels on a car whose rusty axle stubs didn’t want to release the rims has worked … Continue reading

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