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Whistling through the spokes.

10°C, strong W, gusts to 45mph. Cycling (twice) and indoor climbing. Two rides today. One at dawn, the other at dusk. Both dry and very windy. No less fun though; at times, the road speed dipped so I did … Continue reading

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Virtual reality; a demo.

With time to kill and shopping to do, I needed a break after an hour. Remember how much I detest clothes shopping? Since it was early, the staff in PC World were happy to give a demo of virtual reality … Continue reading

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The fizz is back

8°C, light grey with minimal breeze NW. Dry too. Okay, not very fast but the important point is – it felt right. It’s funny how you can actually feel warmth at 8°C after days near to freezing. Some of … Continue reading

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Oops, I did it again.

7°C, fog. Following that experience in the early week, I have yet to return to cycling. I rode a meer 25 miles and felt dreadful by the end. The last few days, I cracked on with the decorating. The hall … Continue reading

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It can only get better

8°C, light W, dull and dry. January is possibly the most miserable month of the year, but things can only get better. January is in competition with December, mainly because December contains the detestable Christmas stress fest. Anyway, today … Continue reading

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Gloomy on the bike

3°C still, grey, dry and cold Everything I hate about january was found today. The worst feature was the dark, the day never really broke out of twilight all day. At least the bike was good though the front … Continue reading

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2019, ride no. 1

8°C, sunny with N breeze. Very slow but no setback. Sometimes, when you return from illness you can undo some of the recovery but coming back too soon. By taking a flat route at a slow pace, I have … Continue reading

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Major Chestikov. Ill again. It started during this ride home from work. Shame because I was looking forward to it. The route that runs along farm tracks in the dark is quite an experience. If it wasn’t for the rain, it … Continue reading

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