Ten gig a day.


Henri Fantin-Latour

7°C, overcast. Awaiting proper rain?
New lodger is better than the last. In many ways an ideal lodger- quiet, doesn’t make a mess in the kitchen and pays up on time. But, what is if doing that uses 10 gigabytes a day? It’s a problem when the monthly cap is only 30GB. He says it’s a Netflix account. A bit of web research suggests that even high def films run at 3.5Gb an hour. That’s an enormous amount of saved viewing time. That leaves another, rather worrying possibility- file sharing. Not all the files shared are illegal of course, but the possibility remains.
visit a painting today. It’s been a while and the gallery have moved it.

Birch spore rhinitus

9°C, clear, icy at night.
Sneezes- but no cold. It’s just like hay-fever so I blame tree spores.
The campsite I had in mind has not opened their canoes, said because the water is too cold. Really? I can sometimes see people in boats, breaking thin ice as they go. Go on, let me go out.
I have a three-season sleeping bag, with a bivvy to pull over if it’s still too cold in the dead of the night..
So, this change of plan- a different site with wood burners and better shelter from the dry, bitter northerly wind.