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Lancs 95k

9°C, strong wind, rain. CK-41.0 mi. Paddy-wagon ride in Lancashire flatlands. Very strong wind though and the GPS app crashed on save, so I have no proper record.

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Hub, 8-speed.

10°C, sunny. Won on ebay, this unused hub for a Campagnolo 8-speed cassette. The splines are all the same size which would be a clue for an expert. But me, I don’t know what model it is. I only need … Continue reading

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A day of firsts.

14°C, sun, cloudless. Rode Racelite: MapMyRide! Distance: 35.95mi, time: 02:12,  speed: 16.4mi/h. A day of firsts, first ride in shorts, first without a helmet, first butterfly in the garden, first bumble-bees. All that work on that bike has succeeded. … Continue reading

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Held fast.

17°C, strong SW wind. The crank that gave so much trouble yesterday did hold today. At home, I tightened with all my strength and took a rest before adding another eighth of a turn. It held through quite a vigorous … Continue reading

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Arrow: Late for work.

10~16°C, windy with sun. The bike felt good, to start with. I had to stop to adjust the saddle and then found the front brake loose. It was only tightened a few turns. Okay then for the next 4 miles. … Continue reading

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Pogona: a pet

16°C, sun +rain showers. Sunday Ride tracked with MapMyRide! Distance: 27.40mi, time: 01:47 speed: 15.2mi/h. Good, if rather short ride. Heavy marking work-load, you see. The Racelite feels mighty fine, bar the bb noise. lodger has a pet. My … Continue reading

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Racelite new season.

10°C, N wind, hardly any rain. Racelite ride with MapMyRide! Distance: 39.04mi, time: 02:36:44, First time out this year. The new headset makes it feel great on corners, smooth and accurate. There was a growing clicking from the bottom bracket … Continue reading

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Ten gig a day.

7°C, overcast. Awaiting proper rain? New lodger is better than the last. In many ways an ideal lodger- quiet, doesn’t make a mess in the kitchen and pays up on time. But, what is if doing that uses 10 gigabytes … Continue reading

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End is nigh.

5C, rain soon. Winter is about to end, a warm front is almost here, that should be it. Only a month late. Not as cold as 2010, but far longer.

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9°C, light cloud My mind is still filled with the magical experiences in Wales. What a special place; I can see how stories of monster and myth arise. I am no religious man, but there is something in those special … Continue reading

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