Shuttleworth and the old Edwardians

21°C, clear & light winds

The Shuttleworth Collection is based at the airbase RAF Old Warden. they have the oldest planes that can still fly, over 90 years some of them. Anyway, my step-father and another friend and I went there for the afternoon airshow today. It’s a very fine airshow with less of the macho atmosphere of the heavy metal Duxford shows. Commentators on the tannoys even waited as planes took off because they know a lot of people like to hear the roar of engines- which adds to the atmosphere.

Below are some photos of the "old Edwardians". Aircraft from the Edwardian era- in other words, the oldest planes still flying in the world. the picture quality is poor because light was really poor by the time they flew. They took off shortly after sunset because the wind is lighter then, just like hot-air balloons do. We didn’t know they would be able to until late, some spectators had already left but there was a strong atmosphere of tense expectation amongst us all, this could be really somethign special. these antique machines so rarely fly. the Origional Bleriot flew when it was almost dark, the photos are really blurred and grainey from then. Perhaps that helps the mood of them – this machine dates from 1909 and has to be treated with the greatest care, it can’t be taken out in winds above 5mph.

There was a real family atmosphere there, the show probably appeals to people who don’t normally go to airshows. The crowd was friendly and wellspoken if you know what I mean. I didn’t see any of the geeky spotter types you get at Duxford so this show comes highly recommended from me

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