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Three below

-3°C, fog Alice: It’s dreamy weather we’re on You waved your crooked wand Along an icy pond with a frozen moon A murder of silhouette crows I saw And the tears on my face And the skates on the pond … Continue reading

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MOT first

1°C, E wind. light cloud. Cycle 31 miles Damn: the MOT needs booking before the car Tax. 

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Wind-up bird

1°C, E Wind. Dry. Spent all day shopping for a music player for the kitchen. I really did get fed up with cooking in silence. Except I didn’t, I got to Birmingham hungry after a train ride talking to an … Continue reading

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Wanted: new teeth

6°C. Dry, fresh with a light breeze, sun too. Teeth: I need new ones. Mine are all broken and worn down. The edges of the breaks are quite sharp, you can feel it if you push your tongue against the … Continue reading

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Wasabi peanuts

…are hot hot hot, 7°C, Long arms: I bought a new coat this afternoon. It’s amazing, the cuffs come down to my knuckles. And you know how my knuckles are raw from dragging along the ground. I am not used … Continue reading

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20 years on…

9°C. Grey & still. Preparing for Christmas, but my fizzy legs want to go cycling.Remarkable: I found a Filofax diary from 20 years ago. Cuckoldry occurred then too, and in the same seasons. The web was waiting to be invented … Continue reading

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Today, I can’t assemble…

9°C, dry, but overcast. The flat-pack contained no screws. I’m tired after a very long term, longer than the days it contained. And now everybody has gone.

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End of term

9°C, Windy End of term means looking forward to waking up in bed instead of waking up half-way through first lesson. Better not say that in front of the boss.Carrying king-sized mattress out of the car to the house was … Continue reading

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Comic Strip

 5°C, changing for the wetter. No interruption: to my internet connection – surprise.A cartoon strip comes with an Ikea flat-pack stool. Excellent finale!The comic-strip above has all the essential elements of a story, characters introduced, scene setting, the bizarre central … Continue reading

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High Bitrate

5°C, dull. iPod Sampling rate really does make a difference. In practice, it means that the Classic sounds better than the Nano because you can rip CDs at a high sampling rate and get better sound quality. There is plenty … Continue reading

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