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London Plane, a story.

,A London Plane tree, near a school. ​ This tree tells a story, those long vertical splits in the trunk are not common to this type. I suspect a long seasonal drought one year, followed by a substantial period of … Continue reading

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Why I hate shopping.

10°C, cool easterly dry wind. It’s mostly the disappointment. Shopping is about making choices, you go into a shop and either choose something that doesn’t fit, or you choose to leave the shop. It doesn’t matter whether I want clothes … Continue reading

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Two weeks, what’s the plan?

9°C, mostly dry. Two weeks until my 50th birthday. So how best to mark the occasion? Best idea so far- do one activity each month for the year. Taster days, like the velodrome in Manchester, a training course at Plas … Continue reading

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I know how to live it up.

20C,not a cloud, light sea breeze. Never done this before in the 11 years I have had this car. I have wax polished it. It’s a little tricky, the instructions on the bottle make it sound easy. The car does … Continue reading

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Lost child.

17C, windy light cloud. Queueing in the supermarket we noticed a fat kid noisily climbing over a plastic child’s ride. He grunted, gasped and shouted as he heaved himself over its shiney yellow surface for what seemed like ten minutes. … Continue reading

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Calm before…

15C, big storm approaches. The storm, a opportunity arose this morning with grey sky but no real rain, yet. So what happens, I woke with a pre-cold throat, dammit. It’s been a long run since the last cold- was it … Continue reading

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16°C, fog, very damp. Ikea- lights are more and more LEDs. I picked up two of these for the kitchen. They are spot-lights to illuminate the cooler and the sink. This is very mundane and domestic, but I am very … Continue reading

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Rage road.

+4°C, clear icy strong wind. Not safe to ride this morning- black ice covers more than usual today- roads as well as pavements. Not safe to drive either, look… Near home there is a tee-junction with a roundabout for left … Continue reading

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Back to back.

7°C, sunshine. The Doc says I probably have a second cold straight after the first. Unlucky, but not a serious worry. Presumably, there is no reason that you couldn’t be infected with two colds at once. Snow is on its … Continue reading

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Repair and ride

7°C. Some rain, sun too. A mending weekend: TV, laptop, bike, smoke detector, hair, shelves TV makes a short high buzz with a few minutes of changing channel or starting a video. One web forum sort said unplug it for … Continue reading

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