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I’m the rusty one.

17°C, bright, warm and sunny. Drawing while I wait for a visitor. Boy, do I feel rusty. That feeling of edge-of-the-seat fear that it will come out badly drives you on. I need to do this more often.

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NewFlash (CS4)

13°C, cool but dry. NNW winds. Soon to get new(ish) version of Flash (CS4). Had a play with it at work today, great new features- it draws motions paths by default and, best of all, Bones. the bones work like … Continue reading

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Now it’s orange

The girl jumping has new glaze layers, her shirt is a new colour, which was a glaze layer applied a bit more thickly than usual. Using cadmium ornage with rose-madder applied a bit more heavily than is usual for a … Continue reading

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Linseed oil, and No.2 & 4 Dalon pencil-brush Gone mad on detail today. Spoonhead has wrinkles, creases, eyelashes and brows. The colours are more solid around the shadow/light border- isn’t that called the terminator? Only stopped because daylight ran out, and … Continue reading

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