Acrylic in A4 sketchbook: 4 pages.

All are acrylic on A4 pages in multiple layers. The method is generally the same – prepare the page with a mid-tone ground; 2 sessions; work from mid-tones towards light & dark, last marks are black and pure white (often just a dot).

Now it’s orange

The girl jumping has new glaze layers, her shirt is a new colour, which was a glaze layer applied a bit more thickly than usual. Using cadmium ornage with rose-madder applied a bit more heavily than is usual for a glaze, the ridges in the origional yellow colour show through in parts. Anyway, then I thought " while you are on…." fixing up the shadows on limbs which were a bit vague before. See my oil painting picture section.

That "Guy with an umbrella" is now scrapped, I bought some ready stretched canvas yesterday so it’s going on there instead. Also nearly ready to start the portrait comission too.

Oh well, the day is young, the bicycle is ready and so am I .