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Penultimate day

8-20°C, cloudless & calm (high pressure) Oh dear– it’s the last day of the holiday & there is so much unfinished. The kitchen taps remain half complete- though this half should be easier.One class of marking to go.

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Angelica & wasps

17°C, showers & sun Why do the yellow-jackets love the Angelica so much. There they are; still out there, all over it, collecting, not stinging.  Nothing else in the gardens draws them. It’s the same in the garden centre.

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19°C, sunny & with a decent breeze I think I have fallen in love. This time, it’s with Scotland. what was so special- it was the days that cleared unexpectedly, the robin who came for breakfast, the same robin who … Continue reading

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22°C, Sunny bits, Cycle: 77 miles Good cycle ride: getting home was hard work but I put that down to a poor evening meal the night before.Good night out: I think I hate weddings more than I hate Christmas.tModern British … Continue reading

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hammock summer

20°C, sun+clouds, cycle 41 miles Tinkering with Adobe Premier and uploaded the results to YouTube.

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poo in the post

17°C, rain, clearing Took a sleeping bag back yesterday that wasn’t the size I asked for. The woman in the shop was quite curt about it, she said “it’s a standard size”, (they come in 3 sizes) but doing this, … Continue reading

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Nantlle & hafn

  & hafn14°C, light cloud Returned from Nantlle, Snowdonia yesterday. Not as tired as I usually am on getting back. this trip was interrupted by rain so I did fewer walks. The ones I did do were on routes selected … Continue reading

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