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Frozen splash

2°C, still, clear with the odd snowshower. C 46 miles This must have taken some time to build up. Ice on a hedgerow that froze each time a car splashed in this puddle.Got home slightly cold, but warming up from … Continue reading

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From tomorrow, I will talk to plants.

-1.5°C, literally freezing. It shows so much promise, Avatar (that film). The biggest could-have-been. Not that it lacks virtues, there were some touching scenes, they related to important world issues about the destruction of indigenous peoples and Gaia. Maybe some … Continue reading

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Avarice, taa

+1.7°C, clear, dry & still. Lame I know. but I’m off to the cinema later and will need to wear opposite-polarised glasses. Yes, it’s Avatar night.With some luck, they’ll have the clip-on version. The paper cutout ones are of no … Continue reading

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lascia ch’io pianga

2 to-2°C, NW wind, clear. Re-watched Antichrist. Indeed it is a stunning film, beautifully shot and punctuated by an Handel auria that gives this post the title. Surprise surprise at the end, the dedication to Tarkovsky. Curiously, that appeared just … Continue reading

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How would you do this?

5°C, light cloud, sun too. Picture this: you’re driving a dustbin lorry, you’ve just finished with a load of bins and need to reverse into the left turning ahead. So you pull out, roll forwards and then reverse into that … Continue reading

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Blue wednesday

2°C, rain. We live here very near another zone of snowfall, the Malverns got the most it seems.Last Monday was ‘Blue Monday’ I’m told. Actually, I was quite cheerful last Monday, less so today. After a box of chocolates, I’m … Continue reading

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Incomplete impression

4~8°C, clear, dry. Antichrist: wouldn’t normally do this, but this film has made such an impression. this is an interim review because I have not watched the whole film yet. Beautifully shot, a slow build-up to disgusting events in the … Continue reading

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1°C, slow thaw, some further flurries. About ½" overnight, but the end is in sight Reading back over previous year’s posts, they follow the same patterns and themes; things like poor sleep, exercise frustrations. My newer posts are longer however, … Continue reading

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+1°C, a slight thaw, or do my senses deceive me? After so long bleating about a lack of exercise, I have bought a turbo-trainer for the bike. It works well enough during the 1h 10′ session I had today.

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found: camera

-5 to 0°C Thought I’d lost this camera, but it had been put somewhere safe in work. Exercise problem: why didn’t I think of this before, I’m getting a Turbo trainer this weekend.The Why-tree

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