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Listen to the quietness

26°C, clouding over. Beech in full bloom and humming. Ideal is this weather to hear the throngs working at these flowers. The still air only carries the soft buzzing of thousands of insects, mainly bees. An evening to listen to … Continue reading

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Three years

28°C, Very humid and now thunderstorms Hottest day for three years.Moved to write prestentious phrases on Twitter, they’re moving furniture up there; …all that sort of thing.

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The uncanny valley

22°C, milky, warm v. humid. The heat is building, hot is coming here next week.Stay in, relax, read and do some computer graphics. Here is a figure rendered with a normal map, and global illumination.I don’t do that much rendering … Continue reading

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A leg end

21°C, heavy rain. We missed the electrical storms though The media are full to the brim with Michael Jackson ‘news’. They all use epithets, the "King Of Pop". It takes me back to my childhood. When Elvis Presly died, I … Continue reading

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The turning sunset

16°C, light Clouds, C=37 miles Rushed out to watch the sunset at the river confluence.The clouds were obliging someone else this day. I like this place, Rosie does too but I fear for her safety there. The railway is not … Continue reading

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There were jewels in my eyes

18°C, light clouds, getting lighter Contact lenses: tried out a trial pair today. They were uncomfortable to put in (the optician did that bit) but no real sensation after that. Seeing was another matter- vision was clear for half of … Continue reading

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18°C, sun all day ’till 21.30 Nice late evening walk in good company (bar the midges & gnats). Big skies and full colour palette.

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Health & Safety

21°C. Sun. C20 That Health & Safety meeting was just as good as I’d expected. Didn’t expect the prostate bit though.That hotel company did the honourable thing and returned my money today. So that is cleared up with no bad … Continue reading

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Guilty before trial

18°C, sunshine. Is this how justice works: See BBC This woman has been charged, her picture published in the media and she’s been attacked on her journey to court by the mob. But hold on a minute- what if.. just … Continue reading

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12°C, rain, with flashing clouds and growling skies I’m in love: I fell in love with this little painted sketch in the last week. Workmates witnessed me going ga-ga over it in the staffroom. I’ll try to get a print … Continue reading

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