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Snow pending

6°C, E Wind, dry Snow is due tomorrow, the house smells of coal smoke and we are prepared.Rosie hit her head yesterday in the excitement of going out for a walk. Now she has a trim. So has Bessie. No … Continue reading

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Carpet scrubber

7°C, clear. Unexpectedly: returned to painting. Saturdays are busy, but then some spare time appeared. The time was to be used on getting tyres for the car, but a local business can fit tyres on your car at home- even … Continue reading

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at last I am free, I can hardly see in front of me

4°C, rain cleared.

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Icebound school

-1 to 4°C, Gave in: the legs insisted, I rode to work. Days like this are about keeping eyes wide open for possible (black)ice. All was clear until I turned into the road where school is parked. It was glazed, … Continue reading

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Of Ice and indescision

Clear, 4°C Drove, no Ice could, have ridden, pah! Sunset- favourable, mornings- lighter and I’m charmed by a delightful tutor group. What can I do to let them know how much I appreciate them? Chrome:it is really no problem writing … Continue reading

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Google Chrome

8°C, Sun then really stormy rain Google Chrome is another Mozilla web browser. It’s fabulous, quick easy to use and unsullied by frivolous nonsense (no themes- wooo…). Some "web2.0" features don’t work properly, but it’s just so fast … so … Continue reading

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Rosie woke badly

4°C, frost & black ice near work. Woke-up just before the alarm to the most haunting mournful howling. I have heard this dreadful sound just a few times before, the reason is unclear. My best guess is that Rosie had a … Continue reading

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10°C, rain. Sleep: slept badly last night, no idea why. Then feel drowsy all day- there are millennia of evolution behind that- great!

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Slumdog Millionaire (yesterday)

7°C, Westerly, back to normal January weather. Yesterday’s film: A "feel-good" film that is not too sickly. It wasn’t sickly at all unlike the rest of that genre. Add it to your recommended list. Howling Tree: it’s lived there for … Continue reading

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Full moon & waiting for…

-3°C, mist & still "Waiting For The Miracle" Leonard Cohen   Baby, I’ve been waiting,I’ve been waiting night and day.I didn’t see the time,I waited half my life away.There were lots of invitationsand I know you sent me some,but I … Continue reading

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