Snow pending

6°C, E Wind, dry

Snow is due tomorrow, the house smells of coal smoke and we are prepared.
Rosie hit her head yesterday in the excitement of going out for a walk. Now she has a trim. So has Bessie. No more colliding with door posts ladies.

Carpet scrubber

7°C, clear.

Unexpectedly: returned to painting. Saturdays are busy, but then some spare time appeared. The time was to be used on getting tyres for the car, but a local business can fit tyres on your car at home- even when you aren’t in. It’s been about 2 weeks since the last paint, and that wasn’t oil. Even after hours scrubbing mucky carpets, my hands were steady enough to make some worthwhile progress. It’s a portrait and I don’t like posting work-in-progress shots of portraits so here is a photo of a lamp.

This glimpse of my bedside life should give away a few clues. Goodnight.

Icebound school

-1 to 4°C, Sun

Gave in: the legs insisted, I rode to work. Days like this are about keeping eyes wide open for possible (black)ice. All was clear until I turned into the road where school is parked. It was glazed, I rode straight, fine. But turning was impossible, so I used shank’s pony to teeter and totter the last one hundred yards.
I was left pondering, somewhat idly, but still…
Why did Walsall & Staffs do all that gritting & salting, but leave out the school? Schools are a magnet for large cars carrying kids short distances from home, needlessly clogging the streets. In a society that regards child safety with fanatical reverence so we are obliged to write risk assessments for the most unlikely hazards like throwing snowballs. Mind you, the pavements were too slippery for walking, roads get gritted, er, except this one. Oh well.
Anyway, back to the point; everywhere seemed to have treatement to prevent dangerous ice, but our school was left out. What’s going on. (there, got there in the end).

Of Ice and indescision

Clear, 4°C

Drove, no Ice could, have ridden, pah!
Sunset- favourable, mornings- lighter and I’m charmed by a delightful tutor group. What can I do to let them know how much I appreciate them?
Chrome:it is really no problem writing a blog entry in Chrome in raw HTML, line breaks, paragraphs and style are obvious really.

Google Chrome

8°C, Sun then really stormy rain

Google Chrome is another Mozilla web browser. It’s fabulous, quick easy to use and unsullied by frivolous nonsense (no themes- wooo…). Some "web2.0" features don’t work properly, but it’s just so fast … so what?

However, Live Space edits only in html mode, which is alright for some (you Arnaud).
Each tab in Chrome is listed separately in Task manager, also the same page open in Chrome consumes 1/2 the memory that Firefox uses. So run Chrome while you are using the computer for other things. Actually, there are some cosmetics- the start page shows a picture of pages you opened last session. Keyboard shortcuts are the same as Firefox. You don’t stand a chance IE7.

Rosie woke badly

4°C, frost & black ice near work.

Woke-up just before the alarm to the most haunting mournful howling. I have heard this dreadful sound just a few times before, the reason is unclear. My best guess is that Rosie had a nightmare. She got some friendly, reassuring fuss.Static chocolates: I have these Roses Chocolates, individually wrapped and a mix of 5 flavours. Eating them is entertaining. Untwist and try to shake of the wrapper, that should be the unremarkable bit. Not so, each one is an insecure individual that just can’t be let go. It sticks to your hand magnetically, static electricity is fun.