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Traffic Police.

9°C, windy. Desperate for a break, this weekend will have to do. Motorway cops- a documentary series on BBC television is easy watching. None of the sensational drama that seems to encourage crime as found on other channels. It did … Continue reading

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Counting games.

6°C, clear,still. Commuting is mostly dull. So, I pass the time standing in traffic making up counting games. Today, I counted the cars driving with only one headlight. Coming back from Walsall, there were 14 seen in the first 3 … Continue reading

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Asteri 3, 1st use.

2°C, cold but dry. The new lights are very impressive but maybe not quite enough on its own. I shall definitely buy a supplementary lamp now, to fill in. The old, halogen 2x 10W set are noticeably yellow and dull … Continue reading

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ASTERI 3, many photons.

11°C,dull. How should I review a bike lamp? The first rule has to be – no clichés. It’s small, like a fat cigar, but as bright as 25-30 watts of halogen lamps. Compared to my current light set, it has … Continue reading

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ISON- a glimpse from England.

2°C,still, clear. Barely visible– even in 8×40 binoculars. Scan just up and right of Spica in Virgo, immediately before sunrise; in my case- 05.50. It was only a fleeting glimpse, with eyes slightly averted. Just a smudge. |~~~~~~~o_o~~~~~~~| Posted from … Continue reading

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Weekend’s ambitions.

9°C, clear and still. Extended 18 miles after work, the lights held with no fade. There is some encouragement to add more. Next week, add another 5 miles. I may get brighter secondary lights this weekend anyway. It’s Tuesday, and … Continue reading

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Snowdon Bomber.

14°C, heavy rain, earlier. Drive home often includes thinking of supper. Tonight, I thought about cheese. Actually, one cheese in particular, Snowdon Bomber. It comes in a black wax cylinder to protect its freshness. It works, there is a gorgeous … Continue reading

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Be more happier!

9C, light wind,rain till hometime. CA-16 miles. Dark lanes route. Started with an amusing incident. Crossing a junction, the car opposite pulled forward at the same time. But, he turned right, in front of me. I called out “Indicate!” then … Continue reading

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6~14ºC, clear, no wind. CA:22 miles. Do you tell-off drivers who take pointless risks. I do. Today, two were texting as they drove. And another had a spiral notebook on the steering wheel which she wrote in as she drove … Continue reading

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Dark, single-track lanes.

11ºC,cold, dry and clear. First ride though those narrow lanes I have explored recently. It felt like a test, to find out whether view are safe in the dark. Tonight, they were. As long as there is no ice or … Continue reading

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