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Alport Castles

7°C, grey with a cold N breeze. Hiking with some old friends in the Dark Peak area of the Pennines. This was a day and route of variety: moorland, forest, ridge and a few hours of night walking. Firstly, … Continue reading

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DofE 16.0

15°C falling to 0°C under clear sky. Gold Qualifying expedition, Brecon Beacons. Long drive in fine conditions, rolling mist filled some fields near the coast. That reminded me of some of the early season trips this year. In in the … Continue reading

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Papered over (2).

A day spent house-making. The old cooker is out, the new one in place. Radiators are ready and waiting for the plumber. Soon to be hidden under wallpaper behind a radiator is this sketch.. Drawing over polyfiller is not as … Continue reading

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Cool sun.

11°C, still with bright sun. Rode the Racelite possibly for the last time before winter. It took some warming up, but the usual rule worked – 1/2 hour or 8 miles, whichever comes first. 35 miles is a but … Continue reading

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19°C rain. Back home, decorating. Some pressure is on, a new heating system is to be fitted next week I’m taking the opportunity to fit column radiators. The old flat radiators are off, leaving the wall exposed for redecoration. Repapering … Continue reading

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Stormy ride

19°C, grey, damp and strong wind S. Storm Calum. Needed this ride all day but it was torrential this morning. Recently, I have used the HDR effect on cycling photos. This one is similar, called ‘Drama’. I quite enjoy … Continue reading

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Ride home into the sun.

19°C, sun and breeze S Commuting ride on the old Arrow. A fine sunny ride home from work. The ride in this morning was spectacular. Half an hour in, the sun peeped above Rivington hill as it rose. For … Continue reading

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Night machines

18°C, clear for a sunset. Rode Racelite to Tartleton. It’s been warm today but the clear sky will allow that to escape. I’m playing here with my new phone. It has an HDR function built into the camera. I … Continue reading

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A simple pleasure.

11°C clear with light N. I rode Arrow with MapMyRide+! Distance: 13.68km, time: 41:31, pace: 3:02min/km, speed: 19.77km/h. Out for a spin along the seafront, mainly to watch the sunset. It’s good living here.

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I’m back on.

11°C dull with soft drizzle. I rode The Jake with MapMyRide+! Distance: 25.58km, time: 01:23:00, pace: 3:15min/km, speed: 18.49km/h. That was a whole week of cycling lost to an enigmatic virus. Now I’ve returned to normal, now work can … Continue reading

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