Abundance of caution

14°C, grey, dry

playtime in Pripyat

Fix, mend, repair: that’s what holidays are really for. Today it was the shower’s turn to mend. The door has new runners and it’s all smooth running now. Did a few other things too boring to post here (as if my shower is interesting).

Oh, and my twisted knee is on its way too- I can walk on it. I felt nothing on a quick session with the turbo-trainer, no pain, no stiffness, nothing. I must be cautious though.

Buying stuff

8°C, showers clearing.

Collecting the bike after its re-spray. It’s going to cost big monies, about £100 more than I thought. High up on my wants list is a laptop computer too, but I don’t get paid for another week.


Hawthron berries

Blogging: I haven’t posted much recently, not because I have run out of ideas but because WordPress is unreliable. Too many times i have tried to post and the server has not responded, it’s as unreliable as MS Live’s service was & they shut that down.. This is frustrating.


12°C, clear.

Hitchcock film (1946): Strange how they used to make them. Cary Grant’s performance was the big puzzle for me- he was an actor right? that means he was paid to act- not just read out his lines. Or is that how they did things back in the 40s? It felt, to me, like I was watching a football manager talking, all I wanted was for the guy to say it as if he meant it. It’s true that modern films from the US are typecast, full of unadventurous clichés and mostly un-creative; but so was this- from a master director too. I didn’t dislike the film overall, but Cary Grant’s performance was hopeless.


18°C, cloudy & warmer

That lurking cold have come out of the shadows. Nose blocking, with sore chest and mouth. The curious bit, though is that Achilles tendon. Why, when I have a cold do they hurt? Do these viruses go global in their attack on tissue types or is it just certain types or membrane? Any immunologists out there who could offer an answer?

Symphony No.4

Am I right to be annoyed that I couldn’t get the insert booklet out of this CD case without tearing it?