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Tentative turbo time today

13°C, clear & Calm 25mins on the turbo-trainer, no twinges since there is no sideways stress on the joint on a bike.    

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Abundance of caution

14°C, grey, dry Fix, mend, repair: that’s what holidays are really for. Today it was the shower’s turn to mend. The door has new runners and it’s all smooth running now. Did a few other things too boring to post … Continue reading

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Ripped & pulled

14°C,Wet warm & windy Poor attempt at a few day’s hiking this week. All I have is some very wet kit and a torn ligament. The ligament ripped in a motorway service station not somewhere heroic like a mountain side. … Continue reading

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Arrow: like new

3°C, clear & the sun’s coming up. New bike: well, it cost as much as a new one, it looks new and I’ve got to put it together today. That latest cold is guilty of stopping my cycling for over … Continue reading

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Buying stuff

8°C, showers clearing. Collecting the bike after its re-spray. It’s going to cost big monies, about £100 more than I thought. High up on my wants list is a laptop computer too, but I don’t get paid for another week. … Continue reading

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One more day

2-12°C, clear & colourful Bike will be ready in a few days, cold is almost gone & the half-term break is almost with us. Much needed.

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12°C, clear. Hitchcock film (1946): Strange how they used to make them. Cary Grant’s performance was the big puzzle for me- he was an actor right? that means he was paid to act- not just read out his lines. Or is that … Continue reading

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Single speed, two wheels

12°C, clearing, ENE winds: Should I order a new bike when I get that winter bike back? I’m considering a frame with track drop-outs which mean it would have a hub-gear (like a modernised sturmey-archer) or even a single speed … Continue reading

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18°C, cloudy & warmer That lurking cold have come out of the shadows. Nose blocking, with sore chest and mouth. The curious bit, though is that Achilles tendon. Why, when I have a cold do they hurt? Do these viruses go global … Continue reading

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15°C, clearing, light Westerly How to use next weekend. I am badly torn; at one end are the Welsh mountains plus a good weather forecast. I hate this feeling.

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