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Heavy wind and strong rain

5°C, stormy return in headwind. The idea was to ride to the beach machines and drop into the bank. Actually, that went to plan but the rain arrived early. Then the return was a slog into the wind and … Continue reading

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That heron

5°C, grey but calm. A short outing, a circuit around Southport today. I’m really enjoying riding the Arrow. It’s happy on the muddy roads and the gears are close enough to get the right cadence. This, I think, is … Continue reading

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Grey day, pale grey

7°C, cold with slight mist. In a word: Refreshing. The old Arrow bike handles well without the rack. Even with big 28c tyres, it feels quick and nimble for a winter bike.

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First cold days

+1°C, some ice patches, roads dry. I’ve layered up, but less flex in the fabric slows you down considerably. I’ve put the summer CX tyres on the Mustang. They reduce the road speed but not by much. The fatter … Continue reading

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Fixed shod with winter wheels

7~9°C, clear with cold easterly. 0 cloud. This ride felt like an uphill push the whole time. Partly caused by the easterly wind. Unlike the Midlands, I had no option to plan a route in some directions, the Irish … Continue reading

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It’s over.

8°C, light cold easterly. Sunny. Mapmyride let me down today, but it’s about 9 miles on the Arrow. Things went wrong when I rode into town to visit the record shops. The app has not been right since it was … Continue reading

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Cross Ribble Nat Trust

11°C, grey but dry and calm. Rode the Jake along the Ribble estuary. The ground was softer than last time but some sections were too broken up to ride This was a recovery ride after a persistent cold. It’s … Continue reading

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Getting to know Southport

12°C, sunny. Recovering from a particularly stubborn cold, so I plodded in on the hack bike to town. Google lists 2 record shops which I fancied a browse. You get the best out of shops like that if you get … Continue reading

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100 years

Fine, 12°C, blustery sun. 100 years is a significant anniversary, one century ago, WWI came to a sudden end. We marked the day with a trip to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall to see the lad perform in a choir. Music: the … Continue reading

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Sleep fail

Why is this, I wake at 02.30, wide awake so get up for my usual night-time herb tea. Back to bed for more ceiling staring. I don’t get it, I’m not stressed, don’t have any worries and it’s been 12 … Continue reading

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