Dog’s Trust.

Sun between rainstorms. Strong winds.7C.
Signed up to sponsor a dog through the Dog’s Trust. It’s only a few pounds a week and you’re supposed to pick one of the dogs from a sheet of photos. I chose the ugliest one. It’s not right that everyone makes decisions on how good-looking something is.It’s money I no longer spend on pet food anyway.
Next I want another charity to support…

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I lost a hero today.


I lost my hero today. After just over three weeks of illness she lost her struggle with lymphoma.
I am still here, but am in agony inside. I have made many posts about this, but they are set to Private.
Don’t ask about this, I cannot answer. My heart is broken.

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She ended her story.

13°C, grey & cool, CR:53 miles

Dear Bessie finished her story today. A story that spanned 14½ years.

She became ill just over a day ago while I was on my way to the Lake District. Mum called me back home because she knew it was serious this time, “I think she’s dying Mike”. Her last day was painless as her body failed and finished just before 11am by the vet.

She spent most of those years in this house and witnessed all the changes that occurred over those years. The first day when she was tentatively introduced to us, she ran, full of excitement in figure-8s in the garden. She had a bit of a silly poodle haircut, bouffant & bushes. I clipped off most puffy bits fairly quickly. She didn’t like too much physical contact, at first pulling away from a head stroke. She got used to us eventually.

Though she grew old and slowed dramatically in the last few years, she was always the gentlest soul. A good dog to have in a house of boisterous children. She took with her a story of change, human relations, growth and separation. The last four years the house became calm which coincided with her more restful pace. She has also taken the mysterious prologue- the time before she came into our lives. I know very little of this period in 1997. I do know, however, that she recovered from a bout of Parvo’s virus. Other than that, her time before Bessie’s dynasty is blank.

I’m trying to decide, from all the options, where to scatter her ashes.

A dog with cancer

13°C, lighter winds, some sun. CK:29 miles

She’s been ill for a week or so now. A second vet can’t now find a lump, the first thought it quite large. Maybe now she is getting some treatment, her belly is fuller  that lump is obscured when feeling by hand. I haven’t done any such probing. she has (sorry for the grisly details) black diarrhoea which sounds like there’s blood in it. I hope that this hasn’t been triggered by us feeding her sausages, minced-meat and such. Dog food is quite bland, but the change could be the problem.

I have to face the fact that this may be her last winter. She is 13 years 11 months at the time of writing.

Bessie! oh no…

6°C, N wind, warmer sun. Some heavy hail showers.

Bessie started the day with an unfortunate accident. She must be more careful doing a pre-wash in future.

A college friend made that bowl for me in 1986. I’ve used it for breakfast pretty much every morning since. 23 years later its career is at an end. You can just see how well made it was, look at the fine thin ceramic in that bowl; expert throwing.Today has been another of those fixing-things days: fit wheel to roadbike, fit bottom-bracket to racer, change some light bulbs, fix my Saturday-headache.

Rosie woke badly

4°C, frost & black ice near work.

Woke-up just before the alarm to the most haunting mournful howling. I have heard this dreadful sound just a few times before, the reason is unclear. My best guess is that Rosie had a nightmare. She got some friendly, reassuring fuss.Static chocolates: I have these Roses Chocolates, individually wrapped and a mix of 5 flavours. Eating them is entertaining. Untwist and try to shake of the wrapper, that should be the unremarkable bit. Not so, each one is an insecure individual that just can’t be let go. It sticks to your hand magnetically, static electricity is fun.