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Boots on the ground.

-1°C, Clear sky, snow on the ground. Work: we are taking a whole yeargroup to the park for DofE training. The cold will be a problem for some. Some kids were well equipped, walking boots, a hat and decent coat. … Continue reading

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Deore wheels.

Light snow, 2°C, North wind 12, You have to trust your wheels. The rim years the most and that’s where failure is most likely. The braking surface becomes thin with years of braking. Once thin, the surface can fracture- I … Continue reading

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Mud and sand.

Rode kona CX with MapMyRide+! Distance: 42.30mi, time: 03:31:38, pace: 5:00min/mi, speed: 11.99mi/h. Slow average speed, but hey, it’s off-road. I took a canal towpath to to the Sefton Cross pennine route. It’s a disused railway line which runs … Continue reading

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N+1, Kona Jake,

7°C, sunny, light SW breeze. Finally it’s mine, I bought the Kona Jake today. It features disc brakes, chunky 32c tyres and 10 speed cassette on the back. I took it on a test in the middle of the city … Continue reading

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2°C, rain then dry. Talking to a class of 11 year olds today in a lesson on sensors. I asked them what devices they have at home with a sensor. The usual burglar alarms and security lights. Then one told … Continue reading

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74 lengths

2°C, dry early, snow later. Swim after work, last week a guy suggested not alternating strokes and settling into a rhythm. I did so today and it works smoothly. In all, 74 lengths. Only stopped after getting a bit of … Continue reading

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Ice, rain and a puncture.

I rode 8-speed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 38.5mi, time: 02:47:50, pace: 4:2min/mi, speed: 13.8mi/h. It started well. The ice was insignificant and the sun-bright. In the last 10 miles, clouds built up and the temperature dropped. I didn’t mind the … Continue reading

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Lovejoy Q2.

2°C, light wind and clear. Best chance to see this comet this week. Twice I rode to work in the week. On the return trip, I stopped in a gateway to look up. First a thin veil of high cloud … Continue reading

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Deer in headlights.

6°C, strong W wind. Mostly dry under grey sky. I rode Fixed with MapMyRide+! Distance: 22.98mi, time: 01:35:19, pace: 4:09min/mi, speed: 14.46mi/h. Very windy, almost unsafe on a bike. Given the quiet roads, I ventured out at 3pm. As … Continue reading

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7°C, gale force winds, sunny. What shall I do about insurance? The cycle-to-work scheme requires insurance on the bike which is an issue that’s problematic. My other bikes are not insured because the costs outweigh the possible benefits. Insurance premiums … Continue reading

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