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Dog guilt

18C, bright. Home, yesterday greeted me with a big splodgy mess on the kitchen floor. One or both the dogs pulled down a bag of bananas off the fruit bowl and ate the lot. Well, okay, they left the skins, … Continue reading

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Heavier than air

27°C, humid & oppressive. Thunder later? The air presses down making the drawing of breath an effort. You heart beats harder under the exertion and all because of an air full of menacing dark clouds. This may be one of … Continue reading

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True Grit

14°C+, getting warmer. Film: True Grit (Cohen brothers). Good to see that dreadful John Wayne western based on a Charles Portis book has been updated with one that really is based on the book. Why was John Wayne ever famous? … Continue reading

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Drowned Rat

18°C, SW light, some sun. CR:55miles Drowned rat is usually a metaphor used on days of heavy showers. Today, it’s actualy a rat that drowned. Poor little chap, he must have swum around that pond until exhaustion pulled him under. … Continue reading

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Ruby sparks

17°C, some showers. They’re tiny, perhaps only 5mm across but the colour is so intense that they loose none of their eye-catching brilliance even in fading evening light. The name: Dianthus Deltoidus. 

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Milk & landfill

21°C, clouds & sun. Just a question, I can’t offer an answer though: that smell that comes from the landfill site on the way to work… what gives it that smell. It smells like off milk, could it be? There … Continue reading

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Sudden rhinitis syndrome

20°C, Sunny, quick ride ot work 🙂 Hayfever has come on more suddenly than usual this year. I’d pin the start date to half-term holiday. ASs before, it gets worse in the mid-evening when the pollen lifted by warm up-drafts … Continue reading

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And All Our Dreams Will End in Death

13°C, heavy rain. CK:36miles Rain delayed enough for a decent ride this morning. I’ve missed riding that bike. BBC Radio 4: they make good plays that are worth listening to on long motorway drives. Saturday. Howard Neal is the story … Continue reading

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Turntable world

15°C, breezy with empty threats of showers Turntables: Wow! here are some long lost names still alive & kicking: turntableworld. Grado, Goldring, Ortofon, Sumiko, and so on. Some astronomical prices but at least it’s somewhere I can get replacement stylii. … Continue reading

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Comic Cartoon Strip?

16°C, sunshine & moving air “the Daily Mail as a “sexist, racist, bigoted, comic cartoon strip”. -John Bercow So it’s official, Bercow is the Speaker in the House of Commons. I wouldn’t normally bother with this, a paper that I … Continue reading

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