19°C, SW light, summer clouds.

Taken: Film, action thriller with a paternal pride virtue. Even taking the Bourne trilogy’s absurdities, this one is beyond the ability to suspend disbelief. You may already know of my loathing for car chases, this does nothing to change my feeling on that. There is machine gun fire straight from "The A-Team". It’s a shame really because the film does have themes with virtues; it’s just as if the director-committees took over. The character set is populated by stereotypes &  parodies, but there is something. The relationship between Father and ex-wife is potentially interesting. Did we really need a super-hero actionman to fix it all up between them though?  If we are stupid- yes. I didn’t hate this film, I just don’t enjoy thinking about it afterwards much.

Cool: the fridge is mended. A valve developed a leak and the coolant evaporated leaving the motor spinning away against air. If that happens to yours, then switch it off- the motor needs the coolant to cool itself down too.
I wonder how my ol’ grandparents’ fridge worked since it was gas powered.

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