One fix, another breaks

17°C, mostly sunny. The wind has ceased.

Fix: added an iPod connector to my car stereo, I have routed the cables so that the iPod connector pokes out through one of those blank switches. It’s well worth doing because the sound quality is far better, and the iPod charges up while plugged in.I felt very clever after putting this one in. Making an upgrade is always far more satisfying than repairing something back to its past condition (unless it has been annoyingly "bost" for ages).

The Break: now the fridge-freezer has lost its cold. The motor is making a loud buzzing noise and not keeping either compartment cold. A quick trawl of the web suggests that the compressor has failed and it needs a new one. My guess is a £100 repair bill for that. Cheaper than a new fridge though. Fridges are not interesting.

3 thoughts on “One fix, another breaks

  1. CheeeerrrzZ!I have to say a BIG well done to your iPod car upgrade, Buttttttt…I disagree about uninteresting fridges. I spend many an hour looking in mine! (sometimes I even a word or two withit!)Nah, fridges are a yawn if they’re not filled with scooby-snacks and beer! lolGood evening to you ; )x


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