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R Lena Delta

14°C, & strong winds Journey home was hard today; that wind.Delta building: About 75% complete I’d say, the town of Tiksi is misplaced and has the wrong shoreline- I will fix that soon.

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There Will be blood

14°C .C20, brisk westerlies (again) There Will be Blood: on a roll now; two great films in a week. This one was very long, again it’s set in the deserts of the US, but the dark tension came from a … Continue reading

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Marshy Meadow

18°C, windy, warm & quite humid Not far from home: it’s possible to escape into what looks like remote countryside, just church spires are visible in the city, poking above the heavy trees.Plenty in bloom, small delicate flowers, they are … Continue reading

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hibiscus; and the darkening above us

14°C, NW winds, 20 miles Near dark sky, it’s an oily blue-black up there. But, you know- twenty past nine…Repotted a plant with a name like a drug; from the hibiscus family. The Acerecae has gold-glitter in the mud, what … Continue reading

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Llamas? Here?

13°C, brisk wind.Sunny. C=50 miles Seeen near Abbost Bromley, Staffordshire, they had their backs to the wind.

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Brief Encounter (with a bun)

18°C, dark Kneehigh Theatre: with their version of Brief Encounter, a homage to Noel Coward as much as the original film of 1945. They included "I’m no good at love" (which I’ve included on these pages in the past), along … Continue reading

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Uneasy, unconvincing, insecure…

15°C, light cloud Rape of a two-year old: I have a really uneasy feeling about this story. I sense the faint scent of a miscarriage of justice: the evidence of a three year old child seems very weak to me- … Continue reading

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No country,

15°C, bits of rain. Film: No Country For Old Men: now here is a film full of space, time to breathe and heart-thumping tension. Given, the characters were not really explored in depth, it’s not a film about that. There … Continue reading

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