There Will be blood

14°C Sun.C20, brisk westerlies (again)

There Will be Blood: on a roll now; two great films in a week. This one was very long, again it’s set in the deserts of the US, but the dark tension came from a different direction. This time there was focus on a character Daniel Plainvew, clues were revealed when the lead wanted to expose them. They were not nice things to see, some were only hints but still ugliness was there in a way that created a a heavy, tense and sinister feel. As dark as the crude oil that he was obsessed with. Stupid me, didn’t realise that the lead was played by Daniel Day-Lewis. Perhaps that is the mark of a great actor, or a viewer who doesn’t have a care about celebrity.
This film is worth watching again.

8 thoughts on “There Will be blood

  1. Daniel Day-Lewis was also excellent in Gangs of New York. But I expect you already know that. I don’t think he’d care to be called a ‘celebrity’ though. And yes, rain on women. It’s a special circumstance.


  2. No actually, I haven’t seen it yet. And rain; today has been even better. Showers are more likely to catch them unprepared; it’s best then.


  3. Ha! Sudden showers are good.It surprises me, for no good reason, that I find myself recommending films featuring Leonardo de Caprio, but Gangs of New York, Blood Diamond and The Aviator are all films which I’ll happily watch more than once.


  4. My appalling ignorance of modern culture is exposed. Dark blue sky? Is it a film? Or the stuff above us in the evenings?


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