Uneasy, unconvincing, insecure…

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Rape of a two-year old: I have a really uneasy feeling about this story. I sense the faint scent of a miscarriage of justice: the evidence of a three year old child seems very weak to me- not the actual evidence itself, I haven’t seen that> The problem lies with the notion of taking evidence of such a young child so seriously. I teach 11-18 year olds at work each day, and a number of them have trouble forming sentences that convey what they mean. Let’s wait and see.

SATs boycot: go for it! I’m even tempted to agree with the usually belligerent NUT on this one. SATs are of no use to children, nor to their teachers- it’s a measure of schools for league tables. No benefit then, only loads of stressed children and anxious parents who have been duped by this practice. Okay, yes it may be illegal to boycot the tests, but it’s immoral to conduct them in my view.

Fritillaria: don’t you just love these little characters, go and sit to watch them in a light breeze.
There is not other occurrence of chessboard patterns in nature, purportedly.

1 thought on “Uneasy, unconvincing, insecure…

  1. Hiya Mike…When it comes to the first situation I must admit I tend to avoid reading or hearing the details of such stories; as a victim of abuse I find them far too distressing….These things seem to be coming to light more and more often, the children in question getting younger and younger…We Know these things have always happened..but the fact the girl was so young and seemingly let down by our system will once again raise many questions and debates..As for the SATs/league tables etc…I quite agree..The gerrymandering (sic) of our school system means more and more kids are slipping through the education system, simply so the school itself can been seen in a more favourable light… Luckily with home school such things are not required to be taken, my only judge of Taylas progress being the work she completes and her understanding and recall of the things I’ve taught her…Hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend love and hugs maria xx


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