Eternal damnation

19°C, rain.

Homecoming: Got home tonight to find the dogs barking energetically at the door. It was that "intruder" bark- each barkworthy event has its own bark. In this case there were a pair of smartly dressed young men who had the aura of religious loonacy. My opener was very blunt-
Who are you then?
in a smarmy US voice "we’re from the church of god" (or something similar)
so I sent them off with :
"I’m not interested- go away"
Then they did. Result!
I really was not in the mood for that delerious starry-eyed smarmy nonsense.
Lisa Gerrard- Mirror Pool
I’ve had this album for years, but rediscovered it recently. There is something sublime about it- especially when the male voices fill the background- such restrained power, paced out and volumous. Breathtaking.

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