19°C, cold NE wind. Non-stop sun, no cloud.

"All through the night, the wind looks for the grief it belongs to"
WS Merwin

Oops: what’s the daftest thing you have done recently? After working late with some 6th form technologists- I loaded the car with things in the boot at about 17.40. Drop the bag in and go back for the last things. Flick the boot down and "ker-clunk". That was the central locking, the boot is safely shut, my keys are safely inside it. That is a problem.
Actually- rescue was only 3/4 hour away, not a big problem after considering several solutions and too mundane to recall here.
One package booted in was the last of the ICT coursework. A kid who’d ignored the deadline until today, funny how those who have the most time to complete, in effect an unfair advantage can slo produce the lowest quality work of all. Marking pressure is now receeding, and think time can go back to some paitning. It should be quite an advantage having two canvases on the go.
Beautiful day despite occurances. A pair of mallard ducks decided to control the traffic going home. They were Jaywalking, but more colourful than any Jay.

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