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Yr Wyddfa….

I’ve been away hiking in Snowdonia, missed a working week’s worth. There is no point adding in a day by day account- even though there is plenty to relate. I don’t quite know where ot start really, but here goes … Continue reading

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First day of Shorts

19°C, sunny after a cold start. Odd series of derelics along the north banks of the Trent near Burton. That would be interesting to get a bit closer – perhaps with a change of atmosphere.

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16°C, clear & 3DS Max: detailing the old Barracuda model: new canopy, flaps and mapping partly done. I found out why the previous animation took so long to render- it had global illumination left on- that multiplies rendering time by … Continue reading

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16°C, !; C=41 miles Odd the things you see when out in the countryside. See photo below.   Turpentine: this is going to take longer than I thought. The picture (to be posted later) doesn’t look very different -which is … Continue reading

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Shalebridge cradle

14°C, grey then it cleared.: C=29miles 3DS Max: rendered a short clip of the Barracuda model, it’s only 4 seconds long and 400×300 size, but it still took over 2½ hours. Let’s see how that changes after building the new … Continue reading

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In watercolour

7°C; grey clouds, cold Nth wind: C=32 miles. Sketchbook: below are a few pictures from my sketchbook. On a cold day such as this- I can’t beleive I sat outside yesterday, with watercolours hashing out ideas for the new painting. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Asus day

16°C, warm after a cold start, Shopping: It took a total of 15′ to buy the clothing I wanted: shoes & trousers including trying on. That was an excellent way to shop. The shop (Next) wouldn’t take my old shoes to bin … Continue reading

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