Scaffolding down

18°C, wet then dry, 73% humid.

Scaffolding: the house is now uncaged: I really hated having that surrounding us; it was ugly, restrictive and blocked the TV antenna. The worst bit for me was sleeping in another room because the window couldn’t open against a steel pole. Sleeping with a window closed is really quite unpleasant.

Left-handedness: I just marked some coursework which has to be bound by the pupils. This one had put the binding on the right-hand edge so pages opened to the left. Sitting with it on my desk, leafing through pages as I mark while checking against the criteria booklet justified my decision to accept that presentation gracefully. It was actually easier to mark- so thanks to Catherine W.. I hope your handedness is accepted by the others.
We can be this flexible with art-books too- the books are symmetrical and I issue stickers for name-writing. For a few years now, the left-handers are informed that it’s fine to put the sticker on the "other cover" so it opens to the left. I have started to do that myself with sketchbooks. A practice I intend to expand on- why not do it with ring-binders.

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