Wasps’ nest

23°C, clearing to blue sky. No real wind.
I have a wasps’ nest in my house. It’s actually in an air-brick to the front room. Last year, I blocked the air-brick because ivy was growing through into the room right behind my stereo.
I discovered the nest yesterday when trimming a sapling Ash tree which is trying to establish itself next to the house.
Early in the morning, strange scratching sounds house can be heard from behind the stereo. Moving closer, you could clearly hear buzzing.
I presume they were warming themselves up for the day, or even cooling the nest because the sun shone on the vent.

This presents a problem- what to do, if anything, about it.The shape of the vent makes poisoning the nest impossible unless I get Pest Control in. In late August, the queen will be laying male eggs for spawning. That means the other wasps will be especially aggressive in their defence of the new generation.
There are no children in this house, and the wasps have not got into the house, so far.
Considering that, I am going to leave them alone. In a few months, the first frost will kill off the whole nest, and swarms don’t usually return to the same site for another nest.

For now, keep an eye on them and warm visitors to be wary.

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