Ten degrees

Sun and showers, 4°C, NW breeze.
Cold house, the kitchen was 10°C when I got home tonight. It’s a few degrees higher now and the fire is roaring in the front room.
The cold has penetrated deeply today, it reached its fingers beneath skin, veins and muscles.
At fifty years old, I am yet to learn to like winter.
Drawing in my work diary, it’s only an inch across.

Tin Wifi booster.

22C, soft breeze, sun.
Mid-summer’s day: a day of rest and fixing stuff about the house. Take time out with a cup of tea and watch YouTube. Found by chance, a video claiming to cleverly fix Wifi reception problems. image
I certainly do have patchy signal reception in this house. The idea is to partly cut open a drink tin and shape it round the aerial to focus the emitted signal from the router.


I used a Wifi app on my phone to measure the result. The theory sounds likely, but I saw no change in any way.
There was a more measurable result when the phone is put inside the tin. Gain was about 6Db, and turning the tin changed the result too. Perhaps the signal from the router is polarized. The tin is curved in only one direction, it’s not like a satellite dish. This could be useful, if it worked, to get the best out of a mains powered booster, a repeater. That device relies on reception from the router, then re-transmit it at higher power. Trouble is, the connection between the devices does fail sometimes. So, repeater does not offer much reliability.
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Film: Argo, tense, but not that tense, likable characters, but not that likable. A film worth seeing but don’t go out of your way, there are other films available.
Despite rather an ill weekend, I have done stuff- the garden table is finished, with dry varnish this morning. On this weekend, with no travelling, my todo list is much shorter. The daytime routine is job then nap, then another job…


I spent money yesterday, some went on a cordless drill. The old one one is shagged out, though was never great to start with. Now I want to find something to fill with holes. If there are enough holes, might the thing cease to exist?

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Day one.

19°C, mostly cloudy, windy.
First job of the holiday is done. I used a palette out of the skip at work to make a new garden table.




After about 3 hours of wood working

The wood preservative is drying now so I can’t use the table until tomorrow.
How satisfying, I keep going out to look it over. Almost inevitably, I mind turns to other similar projects- I have another garden table that is slowly collapsing with rot.


24°C, deep blue,


Heatwave day 2: Saturday, added the crown to my Hifi in the living room.
A co-incidence that the second lodger moved out today; the same day that I finished organising the room changes in this house. The last step was to crown my Hifi with the record player. I now have magic in my living room, CD is nice but doesn’t do the shivers down my neck that LP does with ease.
A very fine day.


14C, heavy showers, windy.
Clearing the room for the second lodger. There is a decade’s worth of stuff in there. The back of the cupboards have revealed trinkets from the early 90s. This that old are interesting even when it’s just a receipt. I remember the first time I decorated that room, there was newspaper used to line a panel that what published in 1958.
A chunk of my life is laid out in this house.
The biggest job was, though, to move the telephone point. I want it next to the computer and router, not in a lodger’s room. That took five hours and it’s still not quite done.
Anyway, a trip to the dump will clear the clutter.


6°C, cold bright start.
Lodgers: is there something in the lodger-landlord relationship that resembles a parent-child one?
“I see you have helped yourself to my laundry tablets, would you replace them in the next few days. They are not actually part of the deal.”
In fairness, this lad doesn’t depend on my shopping and then put empty boxes and bottles back in my cupboard. There must be something that turns an otherwise adult male into a teenager though. It’s like a pet dog that behaves like a puppy when they want food.

Bank holiday.

12°C, getting warmer.
Not my favourite choice this weekend, you can guess what I want to do. What I have to do is all domestic. For each of the last few years, Mayday has seen me camped in Wales, in between mountains. This year, I am moving stuff around in the house to, potentially, make space for a second lodger.

There will be discoveries, long lost possessions from my life, and from others who have gone.


Whitebeam unfurling leaves in early May.