1°C, slow thaw, some further flurries. About ½" overnight, but the end is in sight

Reading back over previous year’s posts, they follow the same patterns and themes; things like poor sleep, exercise frustrations. My newer posts are longer however, and my grammar is better too.
Using the Gym in work, and I have the turbo-trainer at home. Should have bought one during christmas week.
Alternative holiday names: looking for a non-christian name for some of our holidays is a strange & tricky problem, one full of pitfalls. How about naming them after the nearest meteor shower, so winter holiday becomes Ursids; summer is Perseids; Easter, Lyrids; and so on. Unless you have a better idea.

5 thoughts on “readback

  1. Erm…how about things like Christmas, and Easter and summer? Names that we know, and that let us know where and when we are? Just a thought…


  2. That mostly works, except for easter, which moves about in an elusive way. I do find the christianity spoils an otherwise good holiday.


  3. There’s a wonderful book called ‘A Short History of Time’ by Leofranc Holford-Stevens (really!) which contains a twenty page chapter purely on Easter and why it is where it is (or isn’t). It’s nice when you know why something’s elusive. And how can Christianity spoil a holiday? Being humans, we’ll always need some sort of Creation myth/reason to behave, and the three Abrahamic religions are just about the best we’ve come up with so far. It’s just such a shame about so many adherents of said three great Abrahamic faiths…that’s my tuppence worth, anyway. Happy New Year, by the Have you seen Avatar? I haven’t but my youngest daughter has. She says it’s awesome. Remind me to write a blog on the abuse of that word by the under 25s one day.


  4. Happy new year to you too. My tuppence is- I don’t need a creation myth. There are two many myths in the world for my liking.I’ll look for the blog, but consider "literally" as well.


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