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When the kids get old

-9 to0°C, yes that’s minus nine! Cloudless & still When the kids get old, they’ll be able to say "we don’t get proper winters anymore like back in my day" …Mark my words . This graph’s title is a bit … Continue reading

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‘Snowday’ Eve

+2°C, but falling under clear sky. Snowday– the snowfall from yesterday  has lost its powdery softness as it turns to hard ice. That’s why they called off work tomorrow. I saw a few cars slipping around on the way home … Continue reading

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QM Gym

-2~0°C, snowing- quite a lot Snow: ‘snowday’ looks likely tomorrow. If so, I can catch up on that marking bag. This snow creaks and pops underfoot in that ideal snow way. No hills for skiers here though. A sledge would … Continue reading

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Legs’ fizz

-5~0°C, still, with hard hard frost. Ice rink in work. A leaking pipe spilled water over the car-park for days, the resulting ice is inches thick and so interesting to drive upon.Lack of exercise is driving me nuts, the restless … Continue reading

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Proper winters

2.5°C, sun, snow & rain. Proper winters, like when I were a lad, were like this.Resolve: after an interval of a few years, I may be teetering on making a new year’s reolution. It revolves around DIY jobs at home. … Continue reading

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