Blue wednesday

2°C, rain.

We live here very near another zone of snowfall, the Malverns got the most it seems.
Last Monday was ‘Blue Monday’ I’m told. Actually, I was quite cheerful last Monday, less so today. After a box of chocolates, I’m lifted out of the gloaming though. Could be paying the price for that tonight with an interrupted night’s sleep. Damn.

2 thoughts on “Blue wednesday

  1. We got rain. All day. A customer in my shop said, "It’s those hills what do it." I didn’t know what he was accusing the hills of, and I didn’t like to ask. And I love Mondays. It just goes downhill through the week. Life.


  2. we live just outside shrews. we had none at all. when every where else was covered we had none. ni fact , we quite often get different weather to the rest of the area


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