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24°C, fair + Sun

Prepare for the Alpine adventure. Stuff organised. I failed to buy travel insurance from my bank today. In I walked and found someone to deal with, who sent me to an empty room with a phone to get a quote. The phone number I was given patched me through to one of those press-#-robots. the reason I walked there in the first place was to avoid those infuriatingly tedious machines. I wanted to speak to a human being, I’m not lonely and seeking the company- but humans are easier to deal with. So I hung up and bought the package elsewhere. Lloyds; are you reading this?

No, I thought not.

1 thought on “on top

  1. Barclays are the same. I bank with them and Lloyds, one business, one personal. Our local Barclays has a screened off area where you can call the robot, and now they’re cutting their opening hours because of lack of human customers. There’s a travel agents next door to my shop. They always do me a good deal on insurance. I can say that because I’ve never had to claim anything so far. Beautiful colours in that sunset.


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