Such a draw.

19°C, rain band, cleared eastwards now

Why is climbing mountains such a draw?

You meet the most remarkable people on these mountains. As long as you stay off the honey-pots, the other areas can be quite remote (in feel). It’s the feel that is so important in this, on those wilderness places, there is some kind of magic that builds a certain ‘feel’ inside. Mostly in your chest, but it does sometimes clamber up inside and reach your throat. It’s also a very physical experience, though that can’t really be separated from the sensations outside and inside. They are all woven together. I am comforted by the fact that I can go on long enough for the experience to be engrossing and no passing nuance. Some of those walks were ten hours, though mostly more like eight. I took time to shoot photos, to eat, to tend to my poodle and to look and to see.there were streams for Rosie to drink from, ponds/lakes for me to wash and rocks to injure myself on. Once walking across a flat grassy plane, all squelchy marsh but harmless looking, I plunged my foot down into an unseen cavern up to my knee. That hurt enough to justify using the F word. You can never be off your guard out there.
That’s nothing compared to getting lost on the Glyders in the cloud & rain. It took over 2½ hours to find a route down and that was on the wrong side of the mountain down a very steep heather covered slope. A slope that took nearly two hours to get to the bottom plus a six mile walk back to camp. I was very close to phoning for mountain rescue up there. I felt trapped but remembered something once read- keep making decisions, don’t give up making decisions.
That was one stressful day but I got happily back to camp before dark. Sunset is late this time of year though, a valuable safety net.

The marshfield in the Rhinogau with hidden traps. Tread and squelch with caution.

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